How to Open Red Locked Doors in Returnal

Red Locked Doors in Returnal can be quite a mystery. If you’re wondering how to gain access to what lies behind these doors. our guide will definitely help in explaining how to unlock red locked doors in Returnal.

How to Open Red Locked Doors in Returnal

You can find Red Locked Doors all around Atropos. You’ll bump into them quite often during your journey in Returnal. These doors are marked as Xeno-Tech gate, secured with a lock mechanism. They require an Atropian Key to get through. Denoted by a Triangular symbol. You’ll see the symbol for an Atropian Key at the bottom right part of the description.

How to unlock Red Doors in Returnal

An Atropian key is just like any other key, and its primary purpose is to open red doors and reveal the mystery that lies behind them. However, in case if you’ve misplaced or didn’t look for such keys, you must find them in order to open the Red locked doors.

Finding an Atropian key isn’t that big of a deal as they’re found randomly around the map. You’ll come across a few blueish purple objects lying on the floor around the biome.

Head to the biome and find these objects placed on the ground. They’ll emit a purple glow and once you’ve found such objects, grab the keys from the above Hologram.

The fun fact about these keys is that they float in the air. This gives you extra time to identify them as an Atropian Key clearly.

Also, you can grab as many keys as possible for future use so, don’t hesitate to explore a little bit to find them around the mini-map.

Once you’ve collected multiple Atropian keys, return to the Red locked door and open it with the help of these keys and get ready to come across the secrets behind the locked doors.

Since you have more than one as insurance, you might not have to wander around the dangerous world of Returnal to see if you get lucky to find another one. Finding as many as you can in one go is the safer bet.

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