How to Use the Reconstructor in Returnal

You can find several Reconstructors throughout your playthrough of Returnal. It’s pretty handy, once you know what it does and how to use it. That’s where we come in, below you can find our guide on How to Use the Reconstructor in Returnal.

How to Use the Reconstructor in Returnal

There are many different rooms in the game, with mainly two types of doors. Rectangular, for our main path and triangular, for optional rooms.

There are many different things, gadgets, and items that can be found in these rooms and optional areas. Among these items, you can also find the Reconstructor.

It is a large, alien device with a humanoid shape cut into it. To use the Reconstructor, you need ether; you may not notice anything different even after using it. Well weird as it may sound, you have to die first to find out what this device does.

How to Respawn

Using this device is like an anchor or save point, since the game doesn’t have a traditional save system, so from this point on, should you happen to die, you will not respawn at the start of the game, but at the last Reconstructor you used.  You will also lose any malfunctions or parasites when returning to the biome the Reconstructor is in.

It is a good strategy that whenever you enter a new biome, find one Reconstructor to set your spawn point. You also spawn with full health. An important point to note is that if you’re about to switch biomes, then activating a reconstructor might not be all that worthwhile.

Keep in mind that ether is a relatively rare item that you might not find in the game a lot, so you have to be extremely wise with how you spend it. We don’t recommend it to cleanse any items, and instead, save it up to create checkpoints for yourselves before important events.

Reconstructors within a biome should be activated before an important boss fight to ensure you don’t lose all of your progress. If you happen to switch biomes, you will not return to the Reconstructor in the previous biome.

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