Returnal Phrike Boss Fight Guide

Phrike is a deadly creature in Returnal, which is evident because the battle with this boss extends up to three phases. In this Returnal Phrike Boss guide, we shall go through each phase of the fight against Phirke and help you defeat it!

Returnal Phrike Boss

In each of the three phases of the boss fight, Phirke uses unique strategies and attacks. Therefore, recognizing what these attacks are in each phase is essential towards building your counter-strategy. Let’s now look at each phase of the fight in detail.

How to Defeat Phrike

Whatever phase you are in, remember that Phirke’s weak point is the head. The three health bars represent the three phases, and they gradually lead you towards victory as they all deplete.

Phase 1
As the fight starts, you need to avoid the red projectiles being shot at you by Phrike. It may also try to get close, and you need to make sure it doesn’t. In this instance, you need to play defensive and keep dodging or running away from the projectiles.

The next move is where he shoots orange orbs in the sky, which will fall upon you, and he also shoots a purple glowing beam like projectile straight at you. Once again, you only need to dodge these both and make sure that you keep moving to avoid the projectiles.

Finally, in this phase, he will use his strongest and the deadliest weapon, the red laser beam. This one is not so easy to dodge as it’s quite fast, but it’s telegraphed. So, make sure you dash left or right when it is shot at you.

Phrike will then try to hide in the fog, but you can follow him by looking at the orange glow, don’t get too close and follow him.

Phase 2
The red laser beam attacks will become more frequent in this phase, but you need to worry more about the two new attacks the Phrike will use. It will charge up a red light which will illuminate the arena. When you see the red charge charging up, just get as far as possible.

The other move is where Phrike will not be shy about charging directly at you. It will charge at you and perform a melee attack capable of taking away a chunk of your health. Once again, luckily, you will be able to interpret when this is about to happen, and you can simply dodge.

Phase 3
This is where the battle intensifies, with Phrike increasing the intensity of all the attacks employed above. There will be many more orange orbs, and you will have to dodge the red laser too. Not to forget the purple orbs that will also be more in quantity.

Two new moves that the Phrike uses here are the Orange orbs that stream outwards from its feet. These orbs will come charging at you, and you can avoid them by either dashing left or right or jumping over them.

The red laser circular patterns are the last of your worries in defeating this boss. The patterns will also emerge from his feet and expand till they reach you. You have to jump over them to avoid them and remember while you are busy doing that, the boss will charge at you for a melee attack; therefore, you need to keep your eyes open and avoid it.


Subsequently, as you damaged him while dodging his orbs and a beam, his last health bar will deplete completely, and he will drop a Crimson Key, which will unlock the way for you to reach Crimson Waste, the second Biome of Returnal.