Returnal Overgrown Ruins Walkthrough

In this Returnal Overgrown Ruins walkthrough, we will guide you through all the ins and outs of the first biome in Returnal and help you take down the Phrike.

Returnal Overgrown Ruins

When you first start your journey in Returnal, you will be in the Overgrown Ruins biome. It is the very first area of the game, and it contains many dangerous enemies. The Atropian Blade and the Atropian Weapon Charger, both of which are permanent upgrades to your arsenal, are unlocked after completing the Overgrown Ruins portion.

After the starting cutscenes in which you crash in the Overgrown Ruins biome, move through the doors to reach the circular room to get your hands on your very first weapon Tachyomatic Carbine. With this weapon, make your way through the forest, fighting off the enemies until you reach the large gap area.

White Shadow Broadcast
Your objective will now be switched towards finding the location from where the white shadow signal is being broadcast. Proceed through the next door and the rooms until you enter a platform with a xeno-teleporter surrounded by blue particle rings. Make your way over to the teleporter and attempt to use it.

You fail to use it as the teleporter requires special equipment to be used. You now need to find a way to use the teleporter.

Find the Hermetic Transmitter
Keep moving forward while keeping an eye on the orange dot on your mini-map. You will eventually come across an alien corpse with a gadget attached to it in a room. Look over the body for the Hermetic Transmitter.

Return to the teleportation system you previously attempted to use. You can now teleport through the chasm with it. In the next place, you will use a variety of these teleportation devices to climb higher and familiarize yourself with the Hermetic Transmitter.

Destroy Xeno-Tech barriers
Using the teleportation devices, you will eventually reach Xeno-Tech barriers, which are red barriers that will require the Atropian Sword in order to be bypassed. Now, you need to keep traveling on main paths until you reach the Crimson Gateway.

The Atropian Sword can be found here on the corpse of an Alien. Return to the red barrier and press the square button to smash it open with a melee attack from your new Atropian Sword. You will find the Anathema Vault Key in the next room, which is needed to enter the Anathema Vault.

Unlock the Anathema Vault
Travel to the door with a Red Icon and a small Triforce on it. Climb the stairs inside and overcome any turrets you encounter while avoiding the gaze of the Gorgon-like statues guarding the room. This is the Anathema Vault, where you will face the Overgrown Ruins boss Phrike, who drops the Crimson Key required to unlock the Crimson Gateway.

Before going inside, make sure to open any nearby Containers. Simply step off the platform into the foggy waters below, where the battle will take place once you’ve entered the vault.

Phrike Boss Fight
Phrike is the very first boss you face in Returnal. The boss fight takes place in three different phases, with Phirke dishing out new moves in each phase. The phases will change as his health bar drains. Shooting at Phrike’s head is the best way to deal damage in the battle. Of course, you can fire any part of their body to cause damage, but shots to the head cause the most damage.

After beating Phrike, a Crimson Key will be dropped by him.

Unlock the Crimson Gateway
After obtaining the Crimson Key, head to the Crimson gateway to unlock the portal. This will unlock the second biome of the game, Crimson Wasteland, and also end the first biome, Overgrown Ruins.

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