Returnal Overgrown Ruins Enemies Guide

The Overgrown Ruins Biome in Returnal will put you up against 10 different types of enemies. All of these creatures are distinct with regards to what moves they use and what they look like. In this guide, we shall go through some basic information regarding each of the enemies of the Overgrown Ruins in Returnal.

Returnal Overgrown Ruins Enemies

We have included every type of enemy that you will encounter in the first biome, Overgrown Ruins of the game before you engage the boss of the area. The enemies you will find in the Overgrown Ruins biome are:

  • Atropian Turret
  • Broken Tripod
  • Kerberon
  • Lamaidon
  • Kerberonyx
  • Mycomorph
  • Titanops
  • Strixera
  • Proteron
  • Chrysoid

Atropian Turret
This enemy is merely a gun that shoots towards hostiles when it senses any danger in its vicinity. It acts as a defense for Fauna. These can only be rendered useless with melee attacks. Some have a shield around them, so you need to melee that first. If you see this around you, approach it and destroy it before it shoots at you.

Broken Tripod
These are three-legged machines with two guns mounted on top of them. Gladly the guns will not harm you as they are defunct. You can take these down easily with a few shots on its body.

These are crawling creatures with four legs and a lizard-like body shape and tentacle-like limbs. These creatures are deadly, and they glow blue, so you can easily identify them.

These can shoot teal energy orbs at you in a horizontal order which can be avoided by dashing left or right. Their weak point is their head and if you target your shots right, they’ll go down in less than a full mag.

This is a flying creature with a thin bony structure but a comparatively large wingspan. These damage you by charging at you, and they do this when they stretch their bodies and expand their huge wings.

When you see its body straightening up and its wings expanding, it will charge at you and you should dodge it and run away. Subsequently, you should shoot at the glowing head to bring it down.

Much like Kerberon, but they look much more intimidating and are comparatively larger in size. Their projectiles are more damaging, and they themselves are more damage resistant. To distinguish them from Kerberon, you should look at their glowing color, which is orange.

They will shoot the same barrage of teal energy orbs at you, which you can dodge. The Malformed form of Kerberonyx is even more stubborn to take down. Aim for the head, and eventually, you will be able to defeat them.

This is a fungus-like creature made up of biomass and has a shape that is like a human. These can not only spit orbs for fauna but for their own spores too, which will stick on you and hinder your movement

The sticky slime that it shoots over you and the ground will not only damage you but also slow you down, and that is when you should be expecting a charged attack.

When the creature charges at you, dash left or right and unleash your gunpower at its glowing head and chest to bring it down in two full clips of ammo

These intimidating creatures have their left arm made of heavy axe and the right arm made of a blade-like bone structure. It is evident that your main concern here will be the melee attacks that you can avoid by dodging.

Strixera is also a winged creature, but unlike Lamaidon, these have a large central mass that has glowing organs that you can easily see. The blue luminescent sack containing these organs is your target, and if you aim right, these creatures will be down in less than a clip of ammo.

Titanops can also shoot red orbs at you, which you can jump over and then dash left or right to avoid. The glowing red head is the weak spot and multiple clips will be required to bring this mutant down.

The Monolith pillar-like creature in Overgrown Ruins is a silent enemy. How? Well, it doesn’t necessarily bring any harm to you, but it surely facilitates his allies in doing so. This pillar can heal his companions who are fighting against you.

The glowing green enemies around the Proteron are being healed, and that is why you need to take this Pillar down first. It will take less than a clip and save you from lots of troubles.

This poor creature glows red, and instead of damaging you, it tries to avoid you and run away. This creature is useful as it drops Obolites, but since it’s your enemy, it will not want you to have the rewards; hence, it tries to flee.

When you see one, take it down quickly to get the Obolite Reward.

Phrike (Final Boss)
Phrike is the final boss enemy that you will encounter in this biome. Being the final boss, he is also the toughest enemy to beat in this biome. Check out our detailed guide on how to take down Phrike if you’re having trouble.