Returnal Ophion Boss Fight Guide

Returnal is a roguelike third-person horror shooter game with many engaging boss fights. This Returnal Ophion Boss Fight guide will help you defeat the final boss of Returnal, the eldritch horror Ophion.

Returnal Ophion Boss Fight

So, the boss fight begins with you jumping into the deep dark abyss. A cutscene starts and a huge horror from the deep emerges from a giant hole in the ground. Behold, Ophion.

The Ophion boss fight requires lots of strategy. You need to make sure you are in the right position in the arena otherwise, you will find yourself cornered and soon, dead.


Ophion has all ranged attacks. He will summon orbs that will shoot projectiles at you and lasers. You need to avoid them continuously while also shooting at the giant creature.

The most common attack you will encounter is where he summons a laser ring that slowly spreads and grows. You need to jump to get over it; otherwise, it will hit hard. Ophion will start to summon two of these at the same time as health drops. You need to make sure when to jump to your safety.

The laser rings are not alone. They are always accompanied by lots and lots of projectiles that also spread as they move towards you. These can be avoided by moving through them and move fairly slow allowing you to get away from them.

Other than these red projectiles, Ophion also shoots green orbs that travel straight and fall to the ground. These ones do not spread much, so you can easily just get away from their general direction.

As the fight progresses, Ophion will summon orbs that will shoot lasers at you. These do not spread and are always directed towards you. Once the orb fires, moving away will allow you to avoid it. Otherwise, it will change its direction if you move before the laser is shot.

As you deplete its health bar, Ophion gets faster and more dense attacks. At this point, he will shoot white projectiles that will get to you in an instant and spiral patterned attacks that cover the entire arena.

How to defeat Ophion

First of all, the entire boss fight is a ranged fight, so you need to find your sweet spot, a balanced distance from the boss where you can easily shoot it while also avoiding all of its attacks. The further you are from Ophion, the more breathing room you will get to dodge the attacks.

Ophion has three health bars. As each of the bars is depleted, Ophion gets new attacks on the next health bar. Make sure you try to read the attacks before you dodge, as this time, new attack trajectories might throw you in harm’s way.

At times it will be too hectic to only dodge the projectiles. At this point, you can shoot them to defuse them. This allows you to reduce the number of projectiles coming towards you even though they are dense. Make sure to not waste much time on them as Ophion will keep on shooting more at you.

The fight is not a hard one, but it does drag on for some time as you need to stay safe as you shoot down the giant monster. Sustaining the fight and not being too aggressive is the path to victory.

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