Returnal Nemesis Boss Fight Guide

This guide contains all the information about the Nemesis Boss fight in Returnal and how to defeat him. We have also explained all of the attacks that Nemesis throws out and have suggested ways to avoid getting hit by them.

Returnal Nemesis Boss Fight

Nemesis appears as this almost holographic skull situated on a rocky formation, surrounded by floating tentacular creatures. Visually this boss is a lot to process but taking it down isn’t too difficult.

How to Defeat Nemesis

Let’s take a look at all three phases of the Nemesis fight.

Phase 1
So, as the fight begins, you will lose consciousness in a cutscene for a while. When you gain back your consciousness, you will see Nemesis rising up with a great display of powers, and you’ll regain control as the fight starts.

The spot in the center of the Nemesis is shining red and is the weak spot of Nemesis. So, you should keep shooting at this very spot. However, blue orbs will be emitting from what seems to be the semi-holographic head of Nemesis.  So, keep dodging the blue orbs as they get closer to you in different patterns.

As you cause more damage to Nemesis, the patterns of the blue orbs will keep changing. Hence, for the next few patterns, you should consider constantly adjusting your position to avoid getting hit and a clean line of fire at Nemesis.

Phase 2
After its first health bar is gone, Nemesis will disappear and the ground you are on will start floating. You should keep your balance and make sure that you do not fall during this period.

A few moments after the free-float, Nemesis will reappear with more deadly units on its sides. This is where the actual battle begins for you because it is the hardest stage.

There will be bombardment from all of Nemesis’s units and there will be absolutely nowhere to rest. You will have to move continuously and stay fast enough to dodge all fires within seconds.

Moments later, two of the accompanying Nemesis creatures will start emitting a deadly laser beam that looks like a fire beam. You should duck to dodge the beam and keep shooting the center of the Nemesis.

Phase 3
Soon you will see that a crack will start appearing from the center of the Nemesis. This crack will eventually grow, and the Nemesis will explode. But the battle doesn’t end here.

You will be in free float for a while, latch onto one of the floating platforms nearby.

In this phase, Nemesis will be very far away from you. You will only be able to see the red glowing area in its center and the orbs coming from it. Since there will be many floating platforms, keep jumping through them and try to get close to the Nemesis.

Spirals, circles, lines and various patterns of orbs will be emitting from Nemesis. Your objective is to get closer to Nemesis and keeping chipping away at his health without dying.

You can try your luck with long-range shots, but the closer you are to Nemesis, the more damage you can deal with accurate shots. So, keep dealing damage by getting closes to Nemesis every now and then, and soon Nemesis will be destroyed.