Returnal Ixion Boss Fight Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything there is to know about the Ixion Boss fight in Returnal. We will discuss Ixions’s attacks, how you can dodge them and then defeat Ixion easily. Let’s get started.

Returnal Ixion Boss Fight

There are multiple Phases to this boss fight. As you go towards the arena, you will see Ixion tied up with some metal wires and suspended in the center of the arena. Once you get close, the wires will break off, and the fight will begin as Ixion spreads its wings starts to fly above the arena.

How to Defeat Ixion

Ixion will be very mobile, and the window of opportunity for attacks will be small. Therefore, we recommend you use a weapon with burst fire or something which you can use to dish out quick and accurate chunks of damage at a time.

Phase 1
Like most of Returnal’s bosses, Ixion will shoot out orbs/balls at you in specific patterns. You have to dodge these balls and try your best not to get hit by them. These patterns the orbs/balls form will change or speed up, so be on your toes.

You have to keep dodging these orbs/balls and shoot whenever you get the chance. Sometimes, they will be in groups; other times, they form a spiral and move towards you. The good news is that they are relatively slow-moving, so it is very easy to dodge them if you aren’t greedy with your counterattacks.

Phase 2
After depleting one of Ixion’s health bars, phase 1 will end and Phase 2 will begin. Ixion flies above and slams back into the ground. This will generate an energy shockwave that will travel along the ground. Jump to dodge this.

After that, Ixion will raise its left arm and throw an energy beam towards the sky. While doing so, a lot of energy waves and orbs/balls will be emitting from it. You have to dodge them so that you don’t lose health.

Ixion will be throwing a condensed beam of these orbs/balls towards you along with an energy wave that travels outwards along the ground. Move out of the way of the energy orbs/balls and jump to dodge the wave.

Ixion will keep throwing energy orbs/balls at you with several patterns along with energy beams. Keep avoiding and shooting.

Phase 3
After depleting its energy the second time, Ixion’s wings will fall off and it would not be able to fly anymore. It will stand in the middle of the arena and throw a plethora of energy orbs/balls, beams, and waves at you. Get ready for some extreme jumping and dodging.

Right when Ixion stops, move closer and hit its legs with your melee attack. However, jump away as soon as it starts attacking. Now, the energy orbs/balls and waves will go from blue to yellow and move a lot faster than before. Just remember to dodge and shoot again and again.

Get closer whenever you can and put in some sword hits. After you have hit it with the sword a couple of times, it will die, and the boss fight will be finished.


You will grab some Xeno-type technology off of the corpse and repurpose it in your suit. This is the Grapnel! That is it for this boss.

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