Returnal Items Guide

Returnal for the PlayStation 5 has just launched, and the anticipating players could not be more excited. The ambitious title had so many people waiting for it to get the whole game experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the number of items you’ll find throughout Returnal, what they look like, and how they function.

Returnal Items Guide

Following are the list of some items, locations of items, and their effects.


In Returnal, artifacts are known as the items that are for a single-time use in the duration of a cycle. You can only use these items once in the cycle, and after that you’ll be done. For example, Astronaut Figurine will let you revive back in the exact spot of death however, once it’s used, you can’t use it again.

There are several artifacts which you’ll find through the course of the game, including Blown Nightlight, Broken Calibrator, Worn Calibrator, Pristine Calibrator, Enhanced Calibrator, Pulsating Mass, Recharging Response, Recharging Overload, Wound Seekers, Unfed Pod, Blade Balancer, Damaged Robot, Energy Manipulator, Fractal Nail, Modular Calibrator, Music Box, Phantom Limb, and Astronaut Figurine.


Just like Artifacts, Consumables too are one of the many items you’ll find in Returnal. When you collect these items, they are placed at your consumable slot. And you can then use them by pressing your L1 key. However, these items too are for single use only.

You also have to keep in mind that you’ll only be able to have one consumable with you at a time; however, you will have the liberty to carry more than one same consumable type.

Following are the types of Consumables you’ll find in the course of Returnal.

Alt-Fire Coolant
Alt-Fire Coolant is a consumable that will be found in all biomes. This consumable quickly resets the cooldown for Alt-fire.

Silphium Vial
Silphium Vial will also be found in all biomes. It helps to restore a small amount of integrity when low.

Large Silphium Vial
Conveniently, you’ll be able to find a Large Silphium Vial in all biomes as well. This will help restore a more considerable amount of integrity when low.

Leeching Nanoswarm
Located in all biomes, Leeching Nanoswarm will release flocks of nanobots to attack enemies around you and also take away their restoration speed of integrity. To see the affected part, press L1.

Obolite Siphon
You’ll find Obolite Siphon in all the biomes. This consumable will turn all your collected Obolites into integrity in a matter of half a minute.

Residual Sphere
Residual Sphere will be found in all biomes. In a matter of half a minute, hostile will have a chance to drop Resin on death.

Shocking Springs
In the duration of thirty seconds, jumps will create a blast of energy as you land. This will be found in every biome.

Shield Vial
This will provide you a shield as you go for the next hit. It is located in all biomes.

Translocation Sphere
This will teleport you into an unfamiliar location and will be found in all biomes.

Xeno-Tech Prism
You’ll find this consumable in Crimson Waste. By having this, you’ll obtain an extra Consumable slot.

Anti-energy Pulse
Found in all biomes, This will unleash a burst of energy that will convert projectiles by enemies into Obolites.

Ground Surge
By creating a xeon-spike, it will impale nearby hostile. It will be present in all biomes.

Nullification Sphere
This will fix all malfunctions and disordering. You can locate them in every existing biome.

Obolite Extractor/ Other
Once you kill a hostile that has damaged you, they’ll drop extract out 50 percent of Obolites. This too, is present at every biome.

Repairs Augment/ Stat Augment
This will boost the efficiency of repair by 20 percent.


Just like artifacts and consumables, equipment too is only for one-time use. Once you’re done using them, they’ll vanish from the inventory.  Following are the several types of equipment present in Returnal.

Anathema Key
The Anathema Key will be located at the Overgrown Ruins. It will enable you to open the Anathema Vault.

Atropian Weapon Charger
It will also be found in the Overgrown Ruins and will enable to activate the Alt-Fire mode for the weapons.

Crimson Key
Crimson key will be dropped by Phirke boss at the Overgrown Ruins. This will power the Crimson Gateway.

House key
It is a key that will enable the access to a 20th century house. You will find it at the Overgrown Ruins.

The integrity of the suit is crucial. Silphium will bring up the health or the integrity of the suit. You can identify Silphium as an item that emits a green glow when on the surface. Picking it up will restore the suit’s integrity, which will help cause minor damage when facing hits.

Malignant is one of the many items you find in the course of the game Returnal. These items have negative affiliations to them, meaning when picked up, you’ll definitely face some damage in some way. For example, if you find an Obolities Malignant Chunk, you’ll acquire obolites, but it will also drain your suit integrity.

Each Malignant item has a low, moderate, or high malfunction property which can cause damage to your suit. Here’s a list of malignant items and spoiled items, which contain negative perks.

Malignant Key
The malignant key is infected with malignancy; however, it will open locked gates and containers. You can find them in all biomes.

Malignant Obolite Chunk
It is too infected with malignancy; however, upon acquiring will provide you also with Obolites. It will be found in all biomes.

Malignant Silphium
It will bring up the damage done to your suit and restore moderate integrity. However, it is also infected with malignancy. It is located in all biomes.

Spoiled Resin
You’ll either get damage from it or if you’re in luck you’ll be granted maximum integrity. Also found in all biomes.

One of the unique items in Returnal as unlike others, they breathe and are alive. Just like Malignant, parasites too come with negative perks. You can carry as much as you like. However, be aware of the damage they can do to you, such a draining the suit’s integrity.

Destabilizing Wiretail
This type of parasite might not harm the suit as much, but they make the Obolites disappear faster. They’ll be found in all biomes.

Distracting Oddkeeper
This type of parasite will make you lose your skill rate by 15 percent. It will be found in all biomes.

Atrophying Rotstench
It will reduce the impact of your melee damage by a 50 percent mark. It is found in all biomes.

Caustic Goldstalke
This parasite is located in all biomes. It will increase the collection radius of Obolites by two times. However, the enemies killed will leave a puddle of acid behind them as they are killed.

Jolting Silverskin
Found in all biomes, it will discount an item by 30 percent but will cause two malfunctions.

Oily Rotnose
You’ll either find salvage from hostile with 50 percent chances or have malfunctions with demanding requirements.


Resources are also the items you’ll find as you go on with Returnal. The resource can be picked in hordes in one run. There will be instances where you’ll pick temporary resource items whereas sometimes you’ll pick permanent ones. Unlike other items, these don’t have much worth to them.

Atropian Key
It will open locked gates, and it is located at all biomes.

A cube having encoded data for an item is a Datacube. It is located at all biomes. When you insert a datacube processor into a datacube, it converts into a consumable.

Ether is a permanent resource item. It will cleanse malignancy but unfortunately not when dropped when dead. It is located at all biomes.

Leeching Nanoswarm Datacube
You can locate this resource item in all biomes. You can carry one of these at a time. When you deposit this item into a matching item, it will unlock designs for coming cycles.

Obolite Chunk
When acquired, you’ll receive lots of obolites. you can find it in all biomes.

Shield Disruptor Datacube
When you deposit this item into a matching item, it will unlock designs for coming cycles. Found in all biomes.

Unfed Pod Datacube
Just like previous data cubes, it will too unlock designs for future cycles. Found in all biomes.

Xenoglyph Cipher
Found in all biomes, this resource is a piece of item that belongs to the language of scientists. Collect this resource item, so you’re able to reveal translation tiers in Xenoglyphs.

Suit Artifacts

Just like other items, Suit Artifacts too are valuable items in Returnal. Although suit artifacts are small, they are filled with many perks and advantages. However, keep in mind that they will only last for the run in which the suit is picked on.

Suit Artifacts include Execution Coolant, Repair Circuit, Adrenaline Stimulants, Emergency Stimulants, Execution Bolts, and Overload Bolts.

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