Returnal Hyperion Boss Fight Guide

Hyperion is the big bad of the Eternal Ruins Biome in Returnal and comes after the boss fight with Ixion. In this Returnal Hyperion Boss guide, we will tell you how you can defeat Hyperion and win the boss fight by highlighting its attacks and strategies to use against it.

Returnal Hyperion Boss Fight

Right from the start of this boss fight, you will see nonstop projectiles and orbs coming at you. So, like most boss fights, Hyperion in Returnal is all about projectiles and energy orbs.

How to Defeat Hyperion

The Hyperion boss fight itself is divided into three phases, where, in the first phase, the boss stays at one place, so it is easy for you to shoot it.

Phase 1
In this phase, Hyperion will shoot red orbs that will at some distance and then create red rings, which you can jump to avoid. It also shoots some other projectiles; some will follow you, and some will be random.

The toughest attack in this phase is the laser. It is very hard to dodge that laser; what you can do is jump and move to the opposite side of the laser, doing an air dash to closely miss it.

Just dodge and shoot to bring down its first health bar and move onto phase 2 of the fight.

Phase 2
When the second phase starts, the speed of projectiles and orbs will increase. However, the main course of the fight will remain almost the same. You need to be on a constant run to avoid these attacks.

This phase will feel significantly more difficult than the previous one as Hyperion itself will break one half of itself free and move closer.

Phase 3
Moving on to the third phase, which is basically the hardest one of them. Hyperion will break free of its shackles and rush to the middle of the battleground. Now, you will have less space to move around and dodge those projectiles and orbs.

Make sure to get back to the edges of the battlefield and dodge those X-shaped attacks at any cost, as they are the deadliest ones. Other than that, the process of the fight and attacks remains the same as the previous phases.

Make sure to have a mid to long-range weapon to do significant damage to Hyperion from a distance and you will be fine and win this boss fight easily.