How to Fast Travel in Returnal

Returnal is a roguelike game, which means you will die a lot since it is the part of how you progress through the game. There will come a time where you’d want to backtrack to make use of your newly acquired items in previous areas. For this, you’d want to know how you can fast travel in Returnal and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this guide.

How to Fast Travel in Returnal

Returnal allows you to fast travel to places you have already explored. However, fast travel is not as straightforward as other games, and you have two methods of doing so.

Fast Travel options

In Returnal you have two options for travel. You can either fast travel through a Translocator or a Proximity Translocator. These translocators both fast travel, but one has more options than the other.  Let’s discuss how to use both of these Translocators.

Proximity Translocator
This Translocator, as the name suggests, can be used for traveling to a nearby location. When you enter a Translocator, you will see the other Translocators you can travel to. This Translocator works for small distance, proximity traveling.

Standard Translocator
Once you have used a standard Translocator, it will provide you with the complete map of all the Translocators you have visited, and you can choose from among them to fast travel to.

After selecting the Translocator you want to fast-travel to, it will immediately take you to that location. There are about 5 to 9 Transloactors you can teleport to in Returnal.

Once you have visited all of them, you can easily fast-travel to different locations. However, with these translocators, you can only travel within a biome.

If you want to translocate from your current biome into the previous biome, you have to translocate to the entrance of the current biome and then use the portal for traveling to the previous biome.

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