How to Break Energy Barriers in Returnal

Throughout your journey, you’ll be coming across several obstacles that will hinder your progress in Returnal. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get past and break energy barriers in Returnal.

How to Break Energy Barriers in Returnal

While you traverse the randomly generated biomes in Returnal, you’ll find various paths that lead away from the main-objective into mini-journeys of their own. Most of these pathways are blocked by specific Energy Barriers. To get past these, you will have to gather specific items.

We’ll be showing you how to break the yellow-colored doors or energy barriers in Returnal with the details mentioned in the guide below.

What are Yellow Energy Barriers?
You might have already encountered an Energy Barrier by now. These Walls of Energy are sort of an inconvenience/obstacle between you and a valuable item that can benefit you. However, like most of the game, the rewards too are unpredictable.

Keep in mind that these Barriers appear like Spheres and Doors as well.

Disabling the Energy Barrier/How to Upgrade Atropian Blade
To disable the Energy Barrier, you’ll have to make use of your weapon. Your Blade Balancer will assist you in doing so. Blade balancer is an upgraded version of what you previously had, Atropian Blade melee weapon. You’ll acquire the Blade Balancer by purchasing it from a Fabricator for 250 Obolites. As soon you are buying it, the upgrade will instantly take place.

To get started with the process of overcoming the Energy Barrier, we will be showing you How to Upgrade Atropian Blade. We need the more improved version; Blade Balancer from the Fabricator for 250 Obolites in order to take down the Energy Barriers.

Simply slash through the Barriers and you’ll have access to what’s inside immediately.

Does the Blade Balancer Reset After Death?
Unfortunately, just like the rest of the upgrades in Returnal, there’s no saving. If you die after acquiring the Blade Balancer, you’ll lose the progress upon reviving at the Helios crash site and will have to go through the entire process again to be able to break Energy Barriers again.

Are Side Paths Really Worth It?
The answer to that question depends entirely on the fact whether you want to get everything there is and explore every corner of the game. Do you really feel like going through the hassle to get the Blade Balancer for these rewards every now and then? You might say no, and you’d be right.

There are better upgrades to spend your Obolites on; like the Astronaut Figurine, Aliphium Vial, and Integrity Upgrade. You can, however, go for it if you think that your run’s going great, and death is no obstacle.

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