Returnal Echoing Ruins Walkthrough

In this guide, we will cover the Echoing Ruins biome in Returnal on PS5. After waking up in Act 2, you will find yourself in the Abyssal Scar biome. This guide will be a detailed Returnal Echoing Ruins Walkthrough with all objectives, passages, boss fights, etc that you need to tackle in order to complete the biome in its entirety.

Returnal Echoing Ruins

When you wake up in the Echoing Ruins, you will hear the screams of a strange monster from afar. Continue to where the mysterious voices are coming from to investigate the ordeal.

You will now be presented with the following objectives:

Locate the Source
Head towards the sounds of the scream and find the Haunted House. Upon finding the source of the voices, you will be greeted with many enemies. Defeat the enemies and enter the Haunted House.

Once the sequence within the Haunted House has been ended, go to the path on the left to the house. Keep following the path and you will find the Echoing Vault.

Collect the Echoing Keys
You need to find the Echoing Keys to unlock the vault door. There are two Echoing keys that you need to find in Echoing Ruins.

Head out in the direction of where the rectangular-shaped doors are on the mini-map. The keys are randomly placed on the map. When you have the keys, head back to the Echoing Vault and open it for a boss fight.

How to Unlock Fractured Gateway
Once you’ve entered the vault, follow the path that leads upwards. Use the grappling hook to move from one platform to another until you have reached the Fractured Gateway. To get the Fractured Key, you need to defeat Hyperion.

Hyperion Boss Fight
Go to the red marker on the mini-map and jump into the small arena for the boss fight to begin. Hyperion will now spawn, and you have to defeat him to progress further. The boss will go through three phases with each phase making him progressively stronger.

It will shoot projectiles and orbs at you in different forms and techniques that have various effects. However, Hyperion has one weak spot on his body that you can focus on. Look for a red glowing part on his body. Hitting that part of his body will do immense damage to him. The best weapon that you can use against him is the Electropylon Driver.

You can learn more about this fight in our Hyperion Boss Fight guide.

Unlock the Fractured Gateway
Once you get the key after defeating Hyperion, head back to the Fractured Gateway and open it. Go through the portal, and this will end the Echoing Ruins section of the game.