Returnal Derelict Citadel Walkthrough

A city that was once ruled by the ancient Atropos now remains under the mud with some ruins that only radiates wickedness.  In this guide, we’ll be providing you with a thorough Returnal Derelict Citadel walkthrough, the third biome, with your mission to reach the Broadcast tower.

Returnal Derelict Citadel

Derelict Citadel in Returnal is a fairly lengthy part of the game. Much similar to other portions of your adventure that you’ll be encountering in your journey not far from this point in the game. We suggest you prepare yourself for the hardships ahead and keep your eyes open lest you die in Derelict, and start all over again in this cruel world of Returnal.

To locate the “White Shadow” broadcast, you need to reach the broadcast origin. As you arrive at the entrance of Returnal’s Derelict Citadel, you’ll have to run straight. You’ll see a translocator in front of you; look around it to see if there are any enemies. If you find any, start attacking them with your weapon till they are dead. After that, head towards the stairs to a higher platform.

You will reach the broadcast origin, and your objectives will be updated.

Restoring the access to Central Tower

After going up to the platform, start looking around. Go down the platform, and just beside the translocator, you’ll find a Xenoglyph Cipher. Now go back upstairs again and go straight. Use your tool to make your way to the tower on the other side. After jumping almost three times from tower to tower, you’ll make it onto a platform. Turn left, and you’ll see what appears to be an automatic metal door on a tower. Again make your way to it by making a jump and enter the door. Upon arrival, search for the items on the platform beneath. You’ll find Malignant Silphuim and Small Siphuim.

Now lay down on the Inert Reclaimer till the cut scene appears. Now go back and open the door to combat the hostiles. As soon you open the door, you’ll have 2-3 right at you; start shooting.

After taking them down, make your way to a tower with metallic doors and breached walls. You might face hostiles as soon as the doors open, be ready to shoot. Now jump to the tower that’s almost parallel to where you’re present right now.

Upon your arrival, you’ll witness many hostiles attacking you. Start fighting and shooting their way and defend yourself behind the walls and beneath platforms. After you’re done fighting, start looking around for items that may increase your health, integrity, and proficiency back. Look around for containers and see if you can pick up weapons as well.

Around the same area, you’ll find an automatic metal door. Go inside and update your weapons, and yet again, prepare yourself for a wave of enemies up ahead. After you’re done combating the enemies, use the translocator in the same area and teleport to the target location.

Now, look around till you find a platform with what appears to be like tall sculptures with eyes that are throwing light to the surface. After you Shoot the eyes, you’ll find a giant monster radiating big laser circles around you. Start shooting at it, and as soon as you put it down, the red laser will disappear.

Teleporting to T-1 Target location

Enter a metal door once again, and you’ll see an entry again on the far front. Enter that, and you’ll face the enemies attacking you. Combat the enemies throwing fire at you and teleport to the T-1 target location.

Teleporting to T-3 Target location

Upon arriving, look around, and you’ll find some statues. Behind a big figure will be a waterfall. Make your way there and then jump up to a higher platform right above it. Collect the items you find and then teleport to the T-3 target location. As you arrive here, pick up the items around you and head straight up the stairs. Make your way to the platform you see at the front and then head straight to the stairs. As you go upstairs, you’ll see a red laser between the two pillars, and right above would be something like a vast black orb.

Now, as soon as you start shooting, it’ll release a swarm of orange orbs, and hostiles will also begin to attack you. Combat them and keep shooting the big black orb. After you’ve taken them down, look around for containers and items to recover yourself from the damage you’ve received.

Once again, make your way to the automatic metal door near you and go straight till you find the fabricators. Collect what each has to offer and go back to the stairs on the right. Jump your way to the platforms on the front, and it’s time to combat the enemies again. Dodge what seems like fire orbs and keep attacking. Be sure to kill the enemies with a red shield around them as they fire aggressively towards you.

Just when you think you’re done and dusted, you’ll have a nearby platform with two metallic doors to it. Shoot above the door to the big circle with a spikey design around it. As soon as you do it, you’ll have red lasers vertically appearing, and enemies are coming your way to attack you. This is the part where you hold down the ‘Fire’ button and don’t let go.

Roam around the different levels of towers and find containers, artifacts, and consumables. Just behind the platform where you earlier combated enemies. Behind it will be another platform where a giant monster will be waiting for you to fight.  Just how you’ve been previously clearing the area, keep shooting, dodging, and dashing to protect yourself. On the same area, you’ll find a container and a metallic door. Disable the dash and enter. Kill every enemy you encounter and go to the metallic door that parallels from the one you entered. When you go out through the door, you’ll be back at the platforms.

Jump to your left and start running ahead. Make a left turn, and you’ll see a metallic door once again. Enter the door, and you’ll see a giant statue in front of you.  As soon as you enter, the cut scene will begin.

You’ll encounter deadly aliens with wings and powerful swords slashing your way. They are way scarier than they appear to be. Run as far as you can run to the nearby container. Use combinations of items to fight back and then run back to the door you initially came in from.

T-4 Target Location

Now go back again to the first door, and you’ll find yourself on the platform you were previously on. From a nearby translocator, teleport to the T-4 target location.

T-5 Target Location

In front of you, you’ll find four fabricators offering different items. Use them to heal and head towards the T-5 target location. Arriving at the site, head to your right and run towards the stairs. Go left from stairs to the next set of stairs, and from there, jump to the platform at the front. Go up the stairs you will find at your left and again jump to the podium at your front. Look around, and you’ll find a metallic door once again. Go in and make your way to the door at the far end. When you step outside, jump towards your left and go to your right after you reach there. You’ll see a metallic door yet again, go inside, and start combatting with the enemies.

In the same area, you’ll find a door, but this time with Bridge Pylon inside. At this point, you need to activate the bridge pylon to extend the bridge to the Broadcast Tower. Interact with it and activate the bridge pylon.

Now the objective will be updated to entering the Broadcast Tower in Derelict Citadel.

Enter the Broadcast Tower

Jump towards the blue sphere, and you’ll be shot to the Broadcast tower in the Citadel.  Start with shooting the enemies and cross the bridge.

Ascend the Broadcast Tower

Go forward and cross the stairs and keep running ahead. You’ll enter a hall with Xeno-archive appearing as blue specs in the air. From there, go upstairs and find valuable items.

Go down, and few turns away, you’ll find a metal door. Enter it disabling the dash. You’ll discover lasers on the ground, dodge them and make your way towards another door. Make your way to the blue sphere again, and you’ll be shot to another room with lasers but this time, moving lasers. Count the time they are apart from each other and run in between them.

As you make it through the laser, start fighting the hostiles. Collect items and open containers, then jump towards the upper platform. You’ll see an entrance with the orange light emitting around it, skip that for now and jump one story up again. Start fighting with the enemies appearing and take them down. After you take down the giant ones releasing green lasers and other giant monsters around it, head towards the top story, where you’ll find a data cube. Now go to the translocator nearby and go to the T-1 target location.

When you arrive, go to the translocator located where you interacted with the Inert Reclaimer earlier. Teleport to T-9 target location from there and go up the broadcast tower. Here comes your final showdown with the Nemesis.

Combatting Nemesis in Derelict Citadel

As the Nemesis appears, start firing at the orange-colored eye at the center of its body. Constantly firing at that weakness will take it down quicker. Advised to use a rapid-fire weapon to make a more significant impact and damage. Your fight with Nemesis will take place in three parts.

Nemesis – Fight on the platform

Nemesis will appear with two of its turrets and fire lasers your way. Dodge the blue orbs coming your way and continue firing at its eye. Keep going back and forth to save yourself from the hordes of orbs. Before firing the lasers, the turrets will come near the platform, so keep an eye for that as well.

Nemesis – Fight on the still platform

For this part, you’ll have to jump over the platforms to fight Nemesis and his turrets. The laser attack will become stronger as turrets will be active along with Nemesis, so beware of that and dodge out of the way and attack rapidly. There will be rings of fire released, so keep ane ye out for them before running to the side or jump.

Nemesis – Fight on the floating platform

This part consists of floating platforms while Nemesis throws a spiral of fire your way. You will also encounter a swarm of orbs that you have to dodge as well. By the use of Icarian Grapnel, move to the next platform to avoid damage. Break down the health bar of Nemesis and rout him by firing at him nonstop.

Investigate Signal Source

As you gain consciousness, go forward to the White shadow signal, interact with it, and the cut scene will unfold.

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