How to Unlock Daily Challenges in Returnal

Daily Challenges help players earn rewards for playing Returnal regularly and help provide a sense of direction and replay value. This guide will help you unlock daily challenges for Returnal.

How to unlock daily challenges in Returnal

In Returnal, you can get daily challenges in addition to the main campaign. Completing these challenges gives you rewards, and you can also try to get on the leaderboard for it, which is neat.

But how do you get access to these challenges? For this, you need to unlock the Simulation Mode. Simulation mode will get you access to the challenges and hence the additional rewards and the “In Field Training” trophy.

You need to progress in the game before you can unlock the Simulation Mode. You do not get it from the start of the game.

How to unlock Simulation Mode

To unlock the Simulation Mode, you need to:

Once you get back to the crash site, you need to enter the crashed ship. Here, you need to find the central room. In the central room, you can find two monitors.

From these two, the smaller monitor will get you access to the Simulation mode. Simply get close to the smaller monitor and press Triangle to activate the Simulation mode.

These simulations you get are not easy. These simulations offer you a chance to put all your skills to the test. You need to use all the moves and abilities in your arsenal to complete these challenges.

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