Returnal Crimson Wastes Walkthrough

This walkthrough of ours includes some of the best strategies to make your way through the Crimson Wastes area in Returnal. We highlight some important objectives and items that you should consider getting for your run.

Returnal Crimson Wastes

As you reach Crimson Wastes, go straight ahead and ignore the rooms to the left and the right. These rooms require Atropian keys, and you might not have much of these to waste on these rooms.

What you could go after are the Malignant Resins, keys and chests scattered all over the Crimson Wastes area. Even though they contain valuable loot, Malignant chests will inflict you with Malignancy and malfunction your suit.

So, assess whether you can take a malignancy or if you have a nullification sphere, open the chest.

There are also various flying enemies in this area, so make sure you have a good, ranged weapon. You should also steer clear of the line of sight of enemies.

Yellow Beacon

So, head straight towards the bright yellow beacon and soon you will reach the foot of the mountain. As you get there, you will have to fight the innards of the mountain. Consider seeking the short-range translocators as they teleport you upward.

Soon you will find yourself at the summit. Go ahead straight and a gateway to the Derelict Citadel will arrive. It is separated by a grappling point and you will require an Icarian Grapnel to reach it.

Icarian Grapnel

So, head further up the mountain and you will soon encounter Ixion. Check out our Ixion guide on how to defeat this nimble boss easily. Defeat Ixion to get your hands on the Icarian Grapnel and five Ether.

After defeating Ixion, head back to the gateway to Derelict Citadel. Use the Icarian Grapnel and get to the other side to cross the Crimson Waste area.