Returnal Crimson Wastes Enemies Guide

This Returnal Crimson Wastes Enemies guide to all the enemies you can find in the Crimson wastes biome of the game will be listing strategies to take them down and what to watch out for.

Returnal Crimson Wastes Enemies

Every biome in Returnal has a variety of different enemies to watch out for. While due to the rogue-like nature of the game, the exact location of these enemies can’t be certain, the method to defeating each of these enemies in Returnal remains the same.

Below are all the enemies you will encounter while going through the Crimson Wastes area of the game

Described as a cube-shaped, flying Unrefined Error, Aetheract is the most common enemy you will find in the wastes. It fires a rectangular matrix of teal orbs and orange lasers.

The teal orbs are homing, meaning they will follow you, so only dodging at the last second works. For the beams, wait for it to fire three in quick succession, and then dodge any way you want to avoid them. Then, take them out by shooting at the squares on their heads.

Another Flying Unrefined Error is Archonact. It’s the same as the one above but is bigger and better than it too. It also fires orbs

but in a different pattern with more orbs. It also has a cheeky orb that homes in on you.

Like its lesser counterpart, keep shooting its head during the gap between its attacks, and it will go down, although that may take some time because it has a lot of health.

“A hard-shelled, crab-like creature with five eyes and a forked tail.” This is a deadly enemy, which hides under the sands of the Crimson wastes to ambush you.

You’ll actually see its attack before you see the enemy, in the form of blue missiles that suddenly shoot out of the sand. Which also happens to home in on you. In melee range, it attacks you with its forked tail. To take it out, focus on its head. After a few magazines, it should go down.

One of the hardest enemies in the Crimson waste, the game describes them as “A sentient lifeforms names as ‘the Severed’ in the Xeno-type writings. They share a physiological similarity to the “normal” sentients, so presumably these individuals are the result of [UNDEFINED ERROR].”

These are very fast and their hits do a ton of damage. They’ll close the gap with melee attacks and will even teleport at times. Try waiting until the last second to dodge. They also send out an expanding circle of orange energy. Jump over these energy rings to avoid getting hit.

Waste Kerberonyx
Very similar to the Kerberonxyes found in the Overgrown Ruins. The main thing you need to be wary of are the energy orbs it fires. Take it out by shooting in the face too, or what you would call its head, that will be glowing blue.

Ixion (Final Boss)
Ixion is the nimble final boss of the Crimson Wastes and by far the deadliest enemy of the biome. Ixion will be moving and flying all around the battlefield, bombarding you with many projectiles. Check out our guide on how to take down Ixion to learn more about its attacks and how to beat it.

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