How To Get Scurvydogs In Return To Monkey Island

Despite the decades-long gap between Return to Monkey Island and its predecessor Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, the game picks up right where the last one ended. One of the first tasks you’ll have to do when you start Return to Monkey Island is finding Scurvydogs, which are just hot dogs with a pirate theme going on.

Finding Scurvydogs is only a small part of the puzzle and if you want to ease your way through it you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you all you need to know about getting Scurvydogs in Return To Monkey Island.

How to get scurvydogs in Return To Monkey Island

This part is quite simple because when you first play as Guybrush (or Boybrush since he is young at this point) you’ll immediately find yourself in front of the Scurvydog store.

In case you are having trouble locating it, it’s a building with yellow walls and a red roof.

When you go in the store, ask the guy on the counter for Scurvydogs. You’ll be turned away of course, on account of being completely broke.

Chuckie will then suggest looking for change in a nearby restroom. For this, you’ll need a key so make sure to snag the key on the pegleg before you leave the store.

How to find money for scurvydogs

You’ll find the restroom opposite to the store, on the left side of the screen. Take the key out from Guybrush’s satchel and use it to open the door.

Inside you’ll see a very repulsive restroom with a “little metal thing” near one of the walls. Upon examination of this item, Chuckie will explain that it’s a slug; a fake coin that’s really similar to a piece of eight.

Pick up the slug and take it back to the store. Hand it over on the counter and you’ll get two Scurvydogs.

Now go back outside and, having obtained the Scurvydogs, follow the path on the right to continue your adventure in Return To Monkey Island.

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