Respawn Entertainment VR Game Coming In 2019 For Oculus Rift

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the Titanfall games and more than a few Call of Duty titles, have announced that a Respawn Entertainment Vr game is going to be coming out for the Oculus Rift in 2019. There’s no mention of what the game is, but hopefully it’ll be good on release.

Considering that Titanfall 2 got critical acclaim when it released last year not only for its good multiplayer but also due to the addition of an actual story mode for gamers to play, there’s the possibility that the VR title will be a Titanfall game. However, there’s no guarantee of that.

A Titanfall VR game would be cool though, especially if it focuses around the player being in the cockpit of a Titan and stomping around shooting at things. But there’s also the possibility that it will be a new shooter game that Respawn is working on that’s not related to Titanfall at all.

VR rapidly became a popular new form of video game entertainment when the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR all released roughly around the same time, and numerous new indie games for the VR platforms have been released since then. However, since then it seems like the breakneck pace of VR game releases has slowed down since then, and it may be the Respawn Entertainment VR game that will create another surge.

Respawn isn’t the only company that wants to make more VR games either. Various other studios like Marvel, Warner Bros., and Bethesda have also pledged that they’ll be releasing more games onto virtual reality systems, such as Bethesda announcing a Fallout 4 VR port at E3 last year.

Either way, hopefully at the next E3 or some other event in the future we’ll learn more about the Respawn Entertainment VR game, and what it involves.