Respawn Had to Pause Titanfall 3 to Work on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order?

Respawn Entertainment had to stop working on another game (possibly Titanfall 3) to work on EA's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Respawn Entertainment had to stop the development of another game (rumored to be Titanfall 3) to work on EA’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The game Director, Stig Asmussen revealed this information in a recent conversation with Australian site.

Asmussen was asked about when exactly the development process started, to which he replied by saying that Electronic Arts approached Respawn at a time when the team was working on a game. Then the team had to stop working on that other game which they were so interested in.

Stig Asmussen continued:

And unanimously, my team hands down, everybody was interested in working on a Star Wars, even though we were really interested in the other game that we were working on, we saw this as an opportunity. It’s like, “Hey, when are you ever going to get a chance to work on a Star Wars game.

It was several months before we even met with Lucasfilm. I’m assuming that you guys knew that we were signed on, but it was probably four months or something, at least, where that we knew that we were going to be working on it, and we started coming up with what our own ideas. What we could bring to the table at least from a gameplay standpoint.

As anyone would guess, it could possibly be the latest entry in Titanfall series. The series for which Respawn Entertainment is originally known for. If you also believe that, we hope the work on the next entry in Titanfall franchise will continue after Jedi Fall Order releases.

In another scenario, the director could be referring to the recently released battle royale game “Apex Legends” for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


According to previous reports, Apex was once being made as a battle royale mode for upcoming Titanfall but eventually turned out as a standalone title. It could be that Respawn worked on both Apex and Star Wars titles simultaneously as one is an online-only game and the other is single player only. The developers sometimes, tend to work on more than just one game at a time.

Producer Drew McCoy previously has also confirmed that the studio is not working on the next Titanfall game as everyone expected it to.

This brings us to the question that is there going to be a Titanfall 3? Yes, there will be but not anytime soon. The series is expected to make a return (after Titanfall 2) because it’s considered as one of the best shooters ever made.

We are likely to not hear anything official about it until the end of next year. Titanfall 3 can also turn out to be a cross-platform title by arriving on rumored next-gen consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett.

Until it arrives, players can root for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order since it’s the biggest project in development yet by Respawn Entertainment.


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