Resistance 3 Weapons Guide

Weapons are your best friend if you want to survive the Chimera or during the multiplayer battles in Resistance 3. This Resistance 3 Weapons guide will introduce you to every gun and explosive in Resistance 3 and provide useful information to give you insight about how you should go about each weapon against Chimera or during multiplayer battles.

Resistance 3 Weapons

The famous weapon in the Resistance series is back in the third installment as well and you can get access to it from the custom load outs. It has high damage but is low on range.

It is best for close quarter combat and is mounted with a grenade launcher which can be made even better with upgrading it to incendiary rounds. Rossmore can take out many enemies at close range.

It can be unlocked from the Custom loadouts and is a weapon used by the Infected. The fire rate of this weapon is high and the damage dealth is less. The secondary fire option will fire bullets that will steer towards enemies no matter where ever they are. It is a decent weapon for newbies in the game.

Auger Mark II
You can burn through solid objects using high energy bolts of Auger Mark II which is a special Chimeran rifle and its power also increases if you fire said bolts. It also has a secondary fire which will give you a shield that will protect you from every other attack except Auger bolts.

It is just a normal sledgehammer, nothing fancy about it. It is used as a melee weapon

Deadeye can also be taken from the Custom loadouts and is a Specter weapon that has high range and damage. It is basically a sniper rifle which can take out enemies from a far distance and the Proton Charges can be used for more damage. It can also paint enemy locations.

M5A2 Folsom Carbine
Unlock it from the Custom loadouts as it is a weapon of choice by the Survivors. It has a good range and fire rate. The damage of this weapon is low but you can pop a few grenades with the secondary fire option. At first levels it will shot only one grenade but later on it can shot upto 3 rounds.

This weapon can let the foes explode with the virus that it fires. It can spread to nearby enemies causing damage to a group. The secondary fire will launch a virus cloud and if the enemies tries to cross it, they’ll get the damage.

This weapon can be set in between the Deadeye and the Carbine as it has range as well as good rate of fire. It can be unlocked from Custom loadouts but it has less zoom unlike the Deadeye. Markman’s secondary fire unleashes a turret that will damage nearby enemy targets in range.

Atomizer – Well, it can shoot powerful bolts of electricity that will inflict damage to nearby foes but the range is not satisfactory to start with.The secondary fire can launch a gravity well which will zap the enemies in path.

HE.44 Magnum
It delivers some great damage but doesn’t have a great range. It can be unlocked at level 15 and the secondary fire can detonate on impact with any object. It can take multiple enemies at once with the explosion.

It can freeze enemies upon impact and can be unlocked at level 45. The enemies can also be taken out with the secondary fire which will fire a burst of air.

It is basically a rocket launcher that has guided system and is unlocked at level 40. The damage of the explosion can effect bunch of enemies near the blast radius. Secondary fire is even more awesome which fires multiple rockets dealing more damage.


Smoke Grenade
Unlock it at level 10 from Custom loadouts which is used by the Specters. It is helpful in escaping when multiple enemies surround you. It can also be used to jump in to take out multiple enemies.

It sets fire for a small duration and can be unlocked at level 30. It is good for dealing damage as the flames burn and can also shatter enemies if they attack you.

It is a timed grenade that will explode after a few seconds. It can be unlocked from Custom loadout and is used by the Wardens as well as Specters. It can help in taking out a group of enemies in modes like the Chain Reaction. Time it well and it will serve its purpose.

EMP Grenade
The electro magnetic pulse grenade can disable any electrical device and you can unlock it at level 25. The enemies can also be stopped from using their abilities as well as attributes for a short duration.

It is used by the Specters and can be unlocked with the Custom loadout at Level 6. It launches a mine that explodes when an enemy approaches it. Use it for defensive purpose when a group of enemies push to attack you.

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