Resident Evil Zero Footage Revealed with Maxed-Out PC Settings

While we wait for any news to appear about a new Resident Evil game, we have the remakes to remind us of some of the historical releases from the franchise. Resident Evil Zero is the next to be released, and today we have an hour’s footage from the game.

What is interesting about this footage is the fact that it is the PC version of the game with all of the settings pushed too high. What is evident straight away is the quality of the cut-scenes vs. actual gameplay. This is because the actual gameplay footage looks so good, which is to be expected.

Resident Evil Zero, which will also include the Wesker Mode, is the remake of the Gamecube game which is a prequel from the original game. With the game originally only being released on the Nintendo console, this may be many people’s first experience of this game. Whether this will be a positive experience for them is yet to be seen. People who have played the game before will know what to expect.

With no real story changes to the game, what we can expect are changes to the graphics (as can be seen in the video) and controls, hopefully improving on the “Tank” ones from the past. What this may lead to though is the game feeling dated.

Watching the video, you’ll be able to see that the quality of the graphics are impressive and do show off the game well. If you are looking forward to the release, then you’ll no doubt enjoy the footage that is shown here. Obviously for those new to the game, it does feature spoilers.

Are you looking forward to Resident Evil Zero? Let us know your thoughts below.

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