Resident Evil Village Village 2nd Visit Walkthrough

In this Resident Evil Village Village 2nd Visit Walkthrough, you’ll find all the critical information and tips necessary to get you through the level with 100% completion when you enter The Village for the second time after completing Castle Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil Village Village 2nd Visit

After escaping from the terrors of the castle, you will find yourself back in the Village with new objectives to complete. During your second visit, you will also find a number of collectibles to find.

Meet with The Duke
Begin the chapter by breaking the lock with the knife and proceeding through the small flooded tunnel. Kill all of the fish so you can trade them with The Duke later on.

You will meet an old crone at the end of the hall who puts something in the chest and points towards four murals. Open the chest to get the Winged Key. Use the key to open the locked gate and head back to the village.

Keep following the path until you reach the Village’s Altar and meet up with The Duke. A cutscene will play where The Duke will explain the current situation to you.

Head Towards the Red Chimney House
Head back to the Village and make your way towards the red chimney house. A few changes have been made to the Village like the streets have been filled with dead bodies and the bridge to the castle has been lifted.

Check in the church to find a basecamp set up there; which shows that someone has been following you.

Near the Maiden of War statue and beyond the green sealed gate you will find the red chimney house. The gate just at the right of the statue will be opened now that you can enter through.

Follow the path and break the lock on the gate with the “Do Not Enter” sign. Enter the building on the left and interact with the cabinet that you find at the end.

The cabinet will be locked and requires a code to unlock. Enter the following numbers (070408) to unlock the cabinet. Pick up the handgun and the Jack Handle.

Leave the workshop and kill the Lycans that are standing in your way. Go back to where the tractor was and get rid of the Lycans standing by the tractor. Lift the tractor using the Jack Handle on the jack of the tractor.

Go down the street and get ready to fight the Armored Lycan. Use the Pipe Bomb to get rid of his armor and shoot on his exposed parts to defeat him.

Keep following the path and take two right turns towards the locked gate. Use the Iron Insignia Key to unlock the gate and enter the building.

Once you enter, look for the stairs that lead up towards the house with the red chimney. Here, you’ll see a Lycan attempting to eat an innocent woman. Kill the Lycan to save the woman and get ammo from the cabinet.

Enter the Kitchen and look for a box with the piece of the Winged Key and a note on how to upgrade it. You can now use the piece that you found to make a Four Winged Key.

Return to The Duke
Head back to the Village’s Altar and meet up with The Duke to upgrade your Winged Key. Your next objective is to find and kill four lords that have the flasks that you need to get your daughter back.

These lords will now be marked on your map and you need to slaughter them all; starting with Donna Beneviento.