Resident Evil Village Urias Boss Guide

During your journey into the world of Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across multiple adversaries, one of which is a Beast known as Hammer Wolf Urias. In this Resident Evil Village Urias Boss guide, we’ll show you how to overcome this difficult obstacle in the game.

Resident Evil Village Urias Boss

Before heading into the battle against Urias, check your inventory to equip a handful of useful accessories such as your magnum, launcher explosives, and a few land mines. Once all items are equipped, it’s time to face the horrifying Hammer Wolf Urias in RE8.

Start the fight by landing magnum shots to the boss’s head. Hammer Wolf Urias gives an opening during the early stages of the fight. He jumps onto the platform above and starts roaring, allowing you to hit his head twice.

Once you’ve taken the shots, hide behind the large pillars to dodge any attack Urias throws at you. Then, take a moment behind those pillars and use your sniper to shoot him while maintaining a safe distance.

You don’t want to be up-close and personal with him since he’ll knock you out with his hammer swings.

Eventually, Urias breaks the pillars and tries to throw them at you. At this point, swap to your magnum or launcher and shoot the beast.

When things get heated and Urias takes maximum damage. He’ll call for backup and several Lycans will come to assist him. Swap to your shotgun and kill these werewolves. Make sure to kill them as soon as possible, or else you’ll have several enemies on your back, including Hammer Wolf Urias himself.

Also, don’t forget to restore your health here. You’ll need to be on max health when facing the Urias boss fight. In case you want him to chase you, plant land mines and lure him towards you and within a few seconds, he’ll get blasted by the mines.

This keeps going on for a while and Urias repeats the same strategy by jumping onto the platform, roaring, and calling for backup. You know what to do. Use shotgun to blow the brains out of his backup and even though it’s risky to shoot Urias at point-blank, take the risk to shoot his face and defeat him. Alternatively, there’s nothing a Rifle can’t do.

Upon defeating Hammer Wolf Urias, you’ll get rewarded with Crystal Hammer worth 35,000 Lei to end the boss fight.

Chris’s Encounter with Urias Strajer

Chris starts at the rooftop, slowly making his way towards the carnage ahead. Go past the white statue and into the hole next to the fire. Going down into the hole, you’ll realize that it’s a cave and the beast Urias Strajer is waiting for your arrival.

The fight is relatively easier as compared to the previous one since you’ll get point-blank headshots with the help of your Assault Rifle. Continue shooting Urias on the face and head while dashing to the other side once he raises his Weapon up.

Urias jumps on the platform above and performs a diving slash attack; which can seriously knock you down to your knees. If he hits that blow, you’ll lose a good chunk of your health. So, making use of the Meds Injection can be a good idea here.

Far into the fight, Hold R2 to “mark the target” and wait for a blast shot on Urias, this time knocking him down on his face for a few seconds. This gives you an open opportunity to slash him up with a knife or even shoot him with a shotgun from a close range.

Once you’ve defeated Urias, he’ll drop a Giant Crystal Mace, grab that to end Chris’s encounter with Urias Strajer in RE Village.

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