Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles Locations Guide

Our Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles guide will walk you through the locations of all the collectibles in the Reservoir area of RE Village.

Our Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles guide will walk you through the locations of all the collectibles in the Reservoir area of RE Village.

Resident Evil Village The Reservoir Collectibles Locations

There are assorted collectibles for you to gather in Resident Evil Village, such as goats, files, weapons, customizable weapon parts, recipes, and outhouses. Acquiring all the collectibles of each type grants you a certain trophy.

In this guide, we’ve enlisted the location of every single collectible found in the Reservoir Region of RE 8 Village in chronological order. So, let’s begin!

File # 1: Vasile’s Final Testament
In Village 1F, head inside through the gate that requires the Four-Winged Unborn Key. A cutscene will play in which you’ll be attacked by a wolf. After the cutscene, turn around, and you’ll the desired note on a corpse.

Weapon # 1: GM 79 Grenade Launcher (0 Attachments)
In Village 1F, you’ll find this weapon in the building, which requires the Iron Insignia key for entry.

Key Item: Arm Flask
While in Moreau Tunnels in RE Village, you’ll automatically obtain arm flash during a cutscene.

Key Item: Boat Key
While in Moreau Tunnels, before leaving the cave, ascend the stairs, and you’ll come across a destructible wooden beam. Destroy it, and it’ll lead you to this key item.

File # 2: The Reservoir and Giant Fish
In Moreau Boat Area, before you are about board the boat, head to the hut on the right. There, you’ll find the desired note.

After you leave the building with the sluice gate controls, turn right to find the outhouse collectible.

File # 3: Changing the Cranks
You’ll find this file in a car on your way from Sluice Gate Controls to the windmill.

Goat # 1
From the location of the previous collectible, proceed forward. Upon reaching the next windmill, go around on the outside top deck of the windmill, and you’ll find this goat collectible sitting at the very end.

Goat # 2
When you reach the platform with three colored switches on it, look back. You’ll find the goat collectible sitting on top of a pole.

Key Item: Crank
It will automatically be collected once you reach the top of the 2nd windmill in RE8 Village.

File # 4: Moreau’s Diary 1
In Village 1F, after you turn on the sluice gate to lower the water, follow mutated Moreau. In the next building, you’ll find the desired file in a drawer.

Weapon Part: M1911 – High – Capacity Mag
It is found in the same building as the previous collectible.

File # 5: Moreau’s Diary 2
This file can be found in Moreau’s room, sitting in front of his TV.

Key Item: Six-Winged Unborn Key
It can be found in the same room as the previous collectible.

Goat # 3
In Village 1F, return to the area from where you boarded the boat. Walk past the broken windmill and turn left. You’ll find the desired goat right in front of you.

File # 6: Moreau’s Diary of Experiments
Head out of the Moreau Mines via the elevator. Move past the Typewriter Save Point in the windmill and halt once you are at the place where pigs were running around before.

Use the crank on the door and head to the secret area it unveils. Now, use the golden treasure icon on the map to locate Moreau’s hidden weapon. Exactly at the icon’s location, you’ll find this file.

Weapon # 2: M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum (2 Attachments)
You’ll find it at the same spot as the previous collectible.

Labyrinth Item: Mermaid Ball
In the same area as the previous collectible, follow the path that leads to the top of a shrine. Inside the shrine, you’ll find the Mermaid Ball.