Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles guide, we’ll be showing you every little collectible, secret, and/or treasure you can find in your dangerous journey through The Stronghold.

Resident Evil Village Stronghold Collectibles

The Stronghold in RE8 is a formidable place, and while you’ll be figuring out a way inside, and fighting off a number of Lycans, you might not want to forget to take a look around and find something that might otherwise pique your interest.

Make sure to get all Stronghold Collectibles before you approach the Lycan boss, Urias.

There are a total of five Stronghold Collectibles that you will find during the Stronghold section in RE 8 Village. These are:

Fast Reflexes (Trophy)
When you reach the entrance of the Stronghold, you will see some archers standing near the Stronghold, shooting arrows at you. Take out your knife and swing the knife to hit the arrow midair.

You need to time your swing to be able to hit the arrow once it gets close to you. Doing so will unlock the trophy.

Goat #16
When you have entered the Stronghold after taking care of the enemies in your way, look for a staircase that leads down. Go down the spiral staircase and look on your right at the bottom of the staircase to find the goat.

Officer’s Diary (File #35)
Go through the crack in the wall to enter the next room. In that room will be a file placed on the floor next to a typewriter.

Torso Flask (Key Item)
You will get this item after you have defeated the boss.

Experiment Notes (File #36)
After finishing the boss fight, Ethan will drive a boat to reach the next destination. Once you reach that destination, head down the stairs on your left. You will enter a dungeon where you will find the file on the table.