Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss Guide

Resident Evil Village pits you against some formidable foes you have to overcome using nothing but your wits and firepower. In this Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you how to defeat the evil doctor and get your daughter back.

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Ethan Winters has gone through the toughest of enemies hoping that he will be reunited with his daughter. Everything he has done hinges down to this showdown between Mother Miranda and Ethan.

The Mother Miranda boss fight, is not the toughest fight of the game; however, she will be quick to overwhelm you if you aren’t prepared for her. The best weapon to pick for this fight would be a sniper rifle.

With a long-ranged weapon like that, you’ll be able to keep Mother Miranda at a distance while dealing out an ample amount of damage.

Normal Phase
In Mother Miranda’s basic form, she’ll mostly spin up and dash towards you to close the distance. She follows this up with spinning attacks, so keep running, and fill her up with your shotgun any chance you get.

She also uses Root Splooge, watch the ground and get out of the way or you will be rooted, and Miranda will spray molten lava on the rooted spot. Get as many shots in as you can when she lands back down.

Spider Phase
In her spider form, it’s better never to get too close to her. Just keep your distance and keep firing. She’ll perform a total of three primary attacks, which can be conveniently avoided by heading to the side of the arena. Then, as she gets ready to march forward and hack her way through, go to the side and wait for her to stop and open up her body. Fire at her every time she does this to take down a huge chunk of her health.

One of the most dangerous attacks in Miranda’s Spider Phase is when she’ll jump up on a platform located above the arena. Make sure to get a few shots in when she leaps to the platform. When she jumps down, she’ll attempt to crush you underneath herself. Run to the side immediately when this happens to avoid taking any fatal damage.

Flying Phase
Also, watch out for when Mother Miranda starts to fly. She’ll summon three balls of flame to shoot at you. You can either dodge or shoot them down. While you avoid these projectiles, chip in a few shots now and then towards Miranda until she finally moves onto the next phase.

The Darkness Phase
The second phase starts as everything turns pitch black, and you have to fight briefly in the dark. Listening is key. Headphones will help you identify where she’s coming from. Miranda will be alternating between all her forms during this phase.

After the color returns, be careful as some pillars will appear, and you need to rush behind one of them because soon Mother Miranda will start blowing flame all over the arena. Just take any chance you get to shoot at her, and eventually, you’ll trigger the final scene.

Miranda pins you to the ground and prepares to deliver the final blow. Just keep shooting at her to interrupt her, and eventually, she’ll go down.

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