Resident Evil Village Moreau Boss Guide

This guide talks about the Moreau Boss Fight in Resident Evil Village. We will be providing you with a general strategy for defeating this monster and give you tips on how to take less damage from Moreau and be more effective throughout this fight on RE Village.

Resident Evil Village Moreau Boss

Moreau is one of Mother Miranda’s most avid supporters and probably the most grotesque-looking swamp monster in RE 8. Moreau is the 3rd Boss in the game and can prove to be quite a challenge if you decide to face him unprepared.

How to Defeat Moreau

To make this fight as easy and simple for you as possible, we have come up with some effective tips that will help you in slaying Moreau in RE8 Village.

Move from Cover to Cover
Moreau uses an attack where he climbs on top of the wooden huts and then starts throwing drops of acid rain on you. This attack can be extremely dangerous if you get caught in the open. That’s why we suggest you seek cover as soon as you see Moreau climbing the huts.

Use Explosives Readily
Moreau’s original body hides inside its mouth. And to force him out, you need to use explosives. As soon as Moreau pops out after getting hit by an explosive, you can blast him with a few of your shotgun shells. There are explosive barrels spread across the arena.

Using these barrels saves you some much-needed ammo and inflicts heavy damage on the monster.

If you have a grenade launcher, then this boss fight becomes much easier as Moreau cannot withstand grenade launcher blasts. Pipe bombs and land mines can also be extremely effective during this fight.

Get rid of the walls
Moreau can summon walls made of flesh around you, dictate how you move, and cage you in dead ends. You have to break these walls with a shotgun blast; otherwise, he can cause major problems for you with these walls. And if you get caught in one such wall as Moreau is about to do the acid rain attack, then you are most certainly going to die.

So, as soon as a wall spawns next to you, shoot it with the shotgun to get rid of it. You can also slice these walls with your knife.

Ammo Up!
During the Moreau Boss Fight in Resident Evil Village, you might get low on ammo, and that’s not good. The arena is filled with materials that you can use to craft better ammo, so be on the lookout for those materials.

If it still isn’t enough for you, then just buy some ammo from Dutch before you retry the boss fight. Keep hammering the monster with explosives and shotgun shells until it turns to ash and you come out victorious.

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