Maiden and Demon Crests Locations in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has a puzzle that you need to solve to open the doors to the castle. You need to find two crests that are carved with a picture of Demon and Maiden on them. We will be showing you the Maiden and Demon Crests Locations in Resident Evil Village in this guide.

Maiden and Demon Crests Locations in Resident Evil Village

In this guide, we will help you find these two crests and how to use them to open the Castle Dimitrescu doors in Resident Evil Village and access the castle in your search for Rose. The two crests are scattered around the village. However, you can read from below to find them easily.

Maiden Crest
From the door where you need to place the crests in, look away from the door and go to your left. You will see a black steel gate that leads to an old church.

Enter the church and look on your left to find the first crest. Interact with the crest to place it in your inventory.

Demon Crest
Leave the church and head towards the east. Look for a house locked from the outside as you enter the fields. Enter the house with the survivors.

You will find a broken window that leads to the outside. Jump out the window and then jump on the blue platform on your left. Now you will find yourself in Luiza’s house.

You can find a small locked stand next to the door that can be opened using a screwdriver. Next, open the gate to the house and let the survivors in.

Play through the whole sequence to get the screwdriver. Once you have it, go and interact with the offering stand to unlock it. You will now have the Demon Crest in your inventory.

How to unlock Castle Dimitrescu
Head back to the locked door that leads to Castle Dimitrescu. Interact with the missing portions of the door and place the crests in those portions. You will have to place the Demon Crest on the right portion and the Maiden Crest on the left.

Rotate the crests until a clear picture of the demon and the maiden is formed. This will finally unlock the door to Castle Dimitrescu.