Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Collectibles Guide

In this Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Collectibles guide, we will enlist the locations of all the collectibles that you can find in House Beneviento and on the way back from House Beneviento. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Collectibles

There is only one collectible in the actual House Beneviento in RE8 Village, while there are six collectibles on your way back from House Beneviento towards the village.

As mentioned earlier, you can find only one collectible in House Beneviento, and that is a goat.

Goat-1 (11/20)
Before you go inside the House Beneviento, look for a goat by following the front porch around to the left. There will be a fence after a set of stairs, and the goat will be just outside the fence.

You can find the remaining six collectibles on your way back from House Beneviento in RE Village. These include a Weapon, a Labyrinth item, an Outhouse, a photo, a file, and a key item.

Weapon #1 – W870 TAC Shotgun (5/16)
You come across a garden with a hut while coming back from Beneviento to the village. The weapon is inside the hut. You can sell any goods/weapons to the dealers if your inventory is max.

Labyrinth Item #1 – Sun and Moon Ball (2/4)
Go to the Garden area and grab the item from the small chest with the gravestones in the South-East corner. The Gardener’s House (Typewriter Save Point) has the labyrinth puzzle i.e. Sun and Moon Ball, that grants the Onyx Skull treasure.

Outhouse #1 (9/20)
You can now get to the Gardener’s House (Typewriter Save Point) on the way back. To reach this Outhouse, go around to the left of the house.

Strange Bird Photo
Strange Bird Photo is situated in the Outhouse #1 (9/20) referred above. This can bring you to a bird hanging on a branch to the left of the gate from where you originally entered Castle Dimitrescu. Shoot the bird and then pick it up, and it will give you Juicy Game.

File #1 – Gardener’s Diary (26/47)
Gardener’s Diary is in the Gardener’s House mentioned in Outhouse #1 (9/20). The Gardener’s Diary will be in the corner of the room where the typewriter is.

Key Item – Luthier’s Key (18/29)
Luthier’s Key is in the same room as the Save Point File/Typewriter. You need the F2 Rifle – High Capacity Mag to reach the waffle part.

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