Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Boss Guide

The Heisenberg Boss in RE8 is a relatively tough challenge compared to the other enemies you’ll be facing. He’s huge and a challenging enemy to defeat. In this Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you how to fight off the largest boss in the game utilizing all of the information necessary to take him down.

Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Boss

At first, he may look like an average evil boss; however, you get a reality check once he transforms into a monster of flesh and machinery. Heisenberg is not a typical boss in Resident Evil Village, he’s the largest boss you’ll come across in your journey.

Defeating him can be tricky since the entire Heisenberg boss fight is based on how well-equipped you are. If you’re equipped with good weaponry, then you can take him one-on-one. Therefore, it’s best for you to gear up before fighting him.

This is where your mini tank comes to your aid. It has a blade, a machine gun, and even a missile attached to it. These weapons are enough to take out the giant beast. The Heisenberg boss fight is divided into three stages. Before we dive into that, you should acquaint yourself with Heisenberg’s general strengths and weaknesses to better understand the threat he poses.

Heisenberg has a height advantage over you. It’s the largest boss in Resident Evil Village and can easily take you down with one strike. Apart from the height advantage, the Heisenberg boss is also good at defense since he summons a metal shield to defend himself.

Once he’s down to the last part of his health, he summons a metal sword and swings it at you; taking your entire health down if you are at close range.

The major weakness Heisenberg possesses is the fleshy part of his body. Keep targeting that part and see him as he starts getting slower and slower after each attack. This way you’ll chop down a significant portion of his health relatively quickly.

How to Defeat Heisenberg

First Phase
During the first stage, Heisenberg is vulnerable to your attacks. Take advantage of the open surrounding and stay in the long range. Continue assaulting him with your machine gun and make sure to start off by targeting the fleshy part of his body.

As soon as you see a bright light flash after an attack, that’s an indication of a good attack opportunity. You know you’ve damaged him when he summons his protective metal shield to help himself. When he does summon the shield, move around the area and try to shoot his unprotected side for damage.

Second Phase
During the second stage, he breaks his shield on the ground causing small metal pieces to scatter all around the bottom of the area. He then proceeds to shoot projectiles at you; which you absolutely need to avoid in order to avoid some serious damage to your health.

This is the best time to use your missiles to harm him. Once you do harm him, he’ll bring back his shield, which is a clear indication that he’s about to go down.

Third Phase
The last stage sees him summoning his metal sword which triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’re on the floor and the only weapons you’re left with are your own. Therefore, equip yourself with good weapons from the start.

Run behind some barriers and keep aiming at his fleshy parts. Sooner or later your hiding spot is going to be destroyed, and you’ll be left alone with him without any safe spot.

Use a shotgun, run towards him and attack his weak spots from a close range, dodge when he attacks and repeat this process till Heisenberg is defeated.

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