Resident Evil: Village Has An $1800 Collector’s Edition In Japan

The new Resident Evil: Village apparently has not one but two different collector’s editions for players to consider. The difference being that one of them is exclusive to Japan and costs nearly nine times more than the other.

The “Complete Set” collector’s edition of Resident Evil: Village retails (via TechnClub) on the Japanese Capcom online store for ¥192,500 which comes around to more than $1800. The original collector’s edition announced for the west on the other hand retails at $220 or its equivalent.

Both collector’s editions include the base game in a beautiful steelbook case, a hardcover artbook, a reversible cloth map, a Chris Redfield figure, and access to the Trauma pack which features a variety of in-game items and cosmetics. The Japanese collector’s edition however adds a real-life replica of the “buttonless chester coat” worn by Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Village which is in addition to a limited postcard set.

Capcom and participating Japanese retailers have already started taking pre-orders. There is no telling if Capcom will be bringing the overly expensive collector’s edition to the west as well. It should. There will always be a few fans who are willing to part with such an exorbitant sum to own memorabilia.

Resident Evil: Village will be releasing for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on May 7, 2021. Every pre-order accompanies a survival resources pack which contains a health vial, shotgun shells, bullets, and a lockpick; and a Mr. Raccoon weapon charm. Those who pre-order the game on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 through the official PlayStation Store will secure an exclusive mini-soundtrack of the game as an additional bonus.

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