Resident Evil Village Comes With Gyro Aiming on PS5, Not PS4

Resident Evil Village is being hailed as one of the first few games that will make full use of PS5 potential including Dualsense. We already knew that RE: Village will utilize Dualsense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback however, now, it has been confirmed that the game will also support Gyro Aiming on PlayStation 5.

If you are wondering that if the Gyro Controls will be available on PS4 then you should know that they are not. It’s not that Dualshock 4 doesn’t support Gyro controls. It’s just that they haven’t been implemented in the last-gen console. A marketing stunt for PS5 maybe? Who Knows! Hopefully, Capcom might come with an explanation after the release of the game.

RE Village gyro controls settings

As for Xbox consoles, since the Xbox controllers don’t come with gyro controls, we can’t expect this feature on Microsoft’s consoles even on Xbox Series. For PC however, you can use a PS5 controller or may be go for a custom controller that supports Gyro controls. For the time being, we are not 100% sure if the Gyro Aiming will supported for PC as well.

Now if you are not aware what Gyro Aiming is or what Gyro controls are then here is a short video demo explaining how it is done:

Gyro Aiming basically uses motion controls for aiming purpose which trends to be more accurate than using a thumbstick or a touch-pad. The screen movement can be done by the thumbstick.

One thing that’s worth mentioning here is that if you enable Gyro Aiming for Resident Evil Village on PS5, it will disable the right thumbstick which will also disable the camera controls with that stick. Meaning, you won’t be able to move your screen using right thumbstick and that’s not usual method of implementing Gyro Aiming. It works best when a user can control the screen movement with the stick and use controller movement for precise aim.

Let’s hope that the right stick won’t be disabled in the full release of the game. Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release for PS5, Xbox Series and PC on May 7, 2021.

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