Resident Evil Village Unable to Connect to Server, Missing DLL Error, Crashes and Fixes

Resident Evil Village just made its official release; however, many gamers are currently having issues with the game itself. This Resident Evil Village Errors and Fixes guide helps you find the best solutions to those errors.

Resident Evil Village Errors Crashes and Fixes

Like every AAA game these days, RE8 Village has its fair share of errors that hamper the player experience. Either progress halting bugs, crashes or performance issues, there is bound to be something that will sour your launch experience with RE8 Village.

Since this is the early stage of the game, you’ll find many RE8 Errors popping out of nowhere, and hopefully, they will get their fixes after a while. If you don’t find the solution to your error below, kindly wait for the official RE8 Village update on your respective console.

Unable to Connect to the Server

Once you get the “Unable to Connect to the Server” popup error, the game tells you to wait for a while and try again. If you aren’t able to push through the connection after a few tries then:

If the first option is not working then move to the second option which is restarting your game. This error may occur due to the overwhelming number of gamers playing on the server; hence it crashes.

vcomp140.dll is missing error

The major reason for this error is the absence of DirectX for Resident Evil Village. Simply download the DirectX update, and you’re good to go. In another case of a missing error, just download the vcomp140.dll file and install it in Windows\System32.

Performance Issues

Low performance has been a massive issue for the official release. The game is running on low FPS. The performance can however be improved by changing the render mode from “normal” to “interlaced”. This change in render will double your performance.

FPS also drops when one of the daughters appears on the screen. However, it can be resolved by updating the Nvidia drivers. There are still few places where the FPS drops but for those you will need to wait till there is an official optimization patch.

In the meantime, to increase fps, head over to GeForce experience and optimize the settings while making sure to keep the priority Optimal. This way you’ll set the texture according to your setup.

Can’t Use the Raytracing (RTX 3080)

This is regarded as a common error. Since RE8 Village supports the latest DX12 RT and Oct 20 patch, you need to install Windows 10, Oct 20th update for the fix to be able to use raytracing features in the game.

Game Keeps Crashing

Many times, during your gameplay; mostly at the beginning of the castle of Heisenberg and beyond, the game crashes. This error is due to the texture you’re playing the game on.

Just change the texture quality settings to high (1 GB) and you’ve solved the issue. If the game still manages to crash, wait for the official fix!

Can’t Put Baby in Crib

You might run into this bug during the prologue of the game. Reboot helps in this case, simply reboot the game to fix the bug.

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