Resident Evil: Village Does “Dynamic 4K” On PS5 But With Ray Tracing

Resident Evil: Village is another next-generation game that will be unable to run in native 4K resolution on PlayStation 5.

According to an updated listing earlier today, the eighth major installment in the storied franchise will produce “terrifying vistas and locales” on PS5 in “dynamic 4K” but with ray tracing enabled.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was recently confirmed to be doing “upscaled 4K” on PS5 without the highly cumbersome rendering technique, while apparently doing native 4K on Xbox Series X. That raises an all-important question of whether Resident Evil: Village will be able to produce native 4K graphics on the new Xbox flagship console with ray tracing enabled?

Capcom will also be incorporating the new DualSense features. Resident Evil: Village will make players “feel the weight and pull of weapon triggers” and “the feeling of firing a real gun” with the new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback respectively. The developer further confirmed almost no loading times on PS5 due to the internal lightning-fast solid-state drive.

Resident Evil: Village in addition features support for Tempest 3D AudioTech on PS5 to make players feel the “hair-raising sounds coming from every direction.” That is probably Capcom hinting at the new witch protagonist who is rumored to be a stalker like Mr. X and Nemesis but how announces her arrival with a haunting laugh.

Resident Evil: Village will be releasing somewhere in 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The game may possibly come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well through backwards compatibility on the next-generation consoles.

Capcom is said to be holding off the release date because of delays resulting from COVID-19 earlier in the year. The developer is said to be eying spring as the earliest release window for the time being.

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