How to Get the Azure Eye in Resident Evil Village

The Azure Eye is one of the combinable treasure items in Resident Evil Village. This guide will tell you how to get your hands on the Azure Eye in Resident Evil Village by outlining all the necessary navigation.

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye Location

In Castle Dimistrescu area of RE 8 Village, there is a large painting of Lady Dimitrescu on the wall of the Atelier. Solve the Bell Puzzle to open it up and go through the narrow passage. Take the first right inside the narrow passage and you will meet a dead end with a ladder that goes up. Climb the ladder and you will see a piece of a map with a wooden box on a table.

Read the map and then head back all the way to where you came from. From the same spot of painting, head towards the door a little to the left of the stairs and go through it.

Unlock the first door to the right here and then head downstairs. You will find yourself in the Main Hall on 1F. Head towards the Dining Room from here and then take a left towards the Kitchen.

Take another left from the Kitchen to reach the far left portion of the castle 1F. You will see a staircase going down here. Go downstairs and you will find that one of the jail doors is open.

Go through the door while dealing with the enemies that keep attacking. Eventually, you will come across a locked gate that you can unlock using the Iron Insignia key. However, as you enter, the treasure there is barricaded and you will have to solve yet another puzzle for it.

Also, don’t kill the enemy yet because he will light up a torch for you. So collect all the collectibles from around this chamber and then use the pipe bomb to destroy the broken wall to the left.

There will be a hanging brazier across the broken wall. So shoot the torches in the chamber towards the brazier so that they catch fire. The wandering enemy will soon catch fire from it and light the second torch for you.

Right after the second torch catches fire, the barricades are removed and the treasure will be accessible. Open the chest to get your hands on the Azure Eye in RE Village.