Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Unlockables Guide

You can unlock a lot of stuff in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D including costumes, medals, weapons and skills.

Following are the items you can unlock in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, each with a brief description of how you can unlock that item in the game. They are pretty self-explanatory, so I don’t think you will have any trouble unlocking these. So read on for all the Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Unlockables.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Unlockables

You will have access to three characters at the start of the game. In order to unlock the rest of the characters, you will need to complete different missions with specified ranks.

Chris Redfield
You have him by default.

Jill Valentine
You have her by default.

Rebecca Chambers
Clear Mission 2-3 with a B-rank.

Claire Redfield
Clear Mission 1-3 with a B-rank.


You have him unlocked by default.

Burry Burton
Clear Mission 4-5 with a B-rank.

Jack Krauser
Clear Mission 3-5 with a B-rank.

Albert Wesker
Clear Mission 5-5 with a B rank.

How to Unlock Alternate Costumes

Every character has an alternate costume that you can unlock. In order to unlock this alternate costume, you need to complete the specified tasks.

Chris Redfield
Pilot Suit
Mission Level 1-3 get an SS-rank, or get 10 Medals.

Jill Valentine
Resident Evil 3 costume
Get an S-rank on Mission Level 3-5.

Rebecca Chambers
Nurse Suit
Get all S-rank on all Mission Level (except Level Ex).

Claire Redfield
Obtain 25 Medals.

Get all A-rank on all Mission Level (except Level Ex).

Barry Burton
American Suit
Obtain 20 Medals.

Jack Krauser
Exoskeleton Suit
Get S-rank on Mission Level 5-5.

Albert Wesker
Get a B-rank or above for all Mission (including EX).


You require medals for several unlockables in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Medals provide in some cases an alternate route to unlock an item, be it characters, or costumes.

New Comer
Clear all Mission Level 1.

Clear all Mission Level 2.

Clear all Mission Level 3.

Clear all Mission Level 4.

Clear all Mission Level 5.

Clear all Mission Level Ex.

Clear all missions with an A-rank.

Original Eleven
Clear all missions with an SS-rank.

Good Combination
Complete a mission with a partner.

Perfect Alliance
Clear any SS rank mission with a partner.

Me, I Prefer Guns
Kill all enemies by gunshot on any mission above level 4.

Can’t Touch This
Clear Mission Level 4 or higher with no damage.

Super Combo
Clear Mission Level 4 or higher with 50 combo.

Ultra Combo
Clear Mission Level 4 or higher with 100 combo.

Iron Fist
Defeat all enemies in a mission with a combo.

How To Kill
Survival Mission 10 waves cleared.

Mr. Death
Survival Mission 15 waves cleared.

Skill Captor
Unlock all skills.

Skill Master
Upgrade all skills to max.

One (Thousand) Down…
Defeat 1000 enemy.

Platoon of Two
Perform five melee attacks in a row during one turn.

Meat Shower
Kill 3 enemies with a Grenade.

Chariot of Fire
Carry the game in sleep mode over 50 Km.

Like a Phoenix
Recover from Dying status 50 times in Single player.

No Fear
Perform 30 taunts near enemy.

Counter Shoot
Shoot down item threw by enemies 20 times

Dead Rising
Defeat 53594 enemies.

Master of Unlocking
Unlock all characters.

Dressed to Kill
Unlock all costumes.

Chicken Hunter Portable
Shoot a chicken.

Let’s Work Together
Play a Multi player game.

Jack of All Trades
Use all characters.

Leave No Stone Unturned
Play all maps.

Me, I Prefer Fists
Beat your enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

Bright Future
Defeat a Parasite with a Flash Grenade.

Head shot 100 times.

Clear a mission without missing a shot.

The Old Banana Trick
Walk close to enemy and attack.

Saw What You Did There
Set off proximity bomb by shooting it.

Opening a Dojo
Use all hand-to-hand combat of any character.

The Wesker Special r
Drop an enemy into megma.

Party Pooper
Shoot down dynamite from an enemy and blow it in the process.

Strike from Behind
Attack an Executioner’s weak point at his back.

A Friend in Need
Save an ally from Dying status in Multi player game.

Only One
Clear a Mission Level 4 or higher with single weapon.

In the Buff
Clear a Rank A mission without using any skills.

No Turning Back
Clear mission without using quick turn.

No Guts, No Glory
Continue 30 times.

Social Butterfly
Play Duo Mode 50 times.

Highly Decorated Medal
Unlock all other medals to get this one.

Now That’s Dedication
Need to play the game for straight 14 days.


You need to clear every mission with SS Rank using a character if you want to access all of that character’s weapons with all characters in the game. Alternatively you can spend 10 Nintendo 3DS Play Coins to unlock all the weapons of your chosen character.


You can read our Skills Guide for that.

For everything else, check our Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Guide.

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