Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Guide

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is an intense arcade shooter that will throw you in heart of action against the clock to defeat all sorts of bad guys. Clock is your worst enemy, not the bad guys, such is the intensity of the action that you will be mostly short on time unless you have prepared yourself beforehand. To help you not struggle, we have prepared a detailed Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D guide.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D

This guide will get you started with the game and will also provide an insight into what skills you should go for and how you can unlock all the weapons, characters, and skills in the game.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D will test your survival skills. You need to polish them up if you don’t want to meet the frustration that results from the failure.

Beginning Characters

Krauser: Krauser is Unlocked a bit later in tutorial. The charactee has the best melee attack and also gets infinte ammo for his Bow. Krauser’s knife takes a bit more keen sense to use, it does acts as a good secondary to his Bow. Best method is to shoot an arrow to the knee or ankle and go in for the front “Stinger” melee strike.

Claire: With the handy handgun, an area affective Lightening RPG, and her sniper rifle, Claire has uncanny fire power. Her melee attacks are also good, but not as good as Krauser’s. Also, her handgun is more of a machine gun in terms of staggering power. For saving ammos, shoot the knee or ankle and go for the “Neck Kick” melee from back for maximum damage with low bullet use. Remember that her melee animation is lomg so be careful while using it when facing multiple enemies.

Rebecca: Having more than usual herbs, the strongest RPG, an SMG with enhanced clip level and a powerful and quick melee, Rebecca is the best option for those who have a hard time avoiding enemy attacks. You can use tge same pattren for a back melee for Rebecca as with Claire where she will knee tge staggered enemy in the back of their neck.

Choose The Aiming Perspective You Are Comfortable With
If you are new to Resident Evil, you should really go with the aiming perspective you are more used to. Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D give you two options, either go with first person perspective or go with third person over the top shooter perspective.

So choose the one you are comfortable with, default is the first person perspective. You can switch between these two by going into options and then choosing the control settings.

Skills, Test Them, And Select The Best 3
You have 30 skills at your disposal in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D but you can only equip 3, so test it out, and choose the best 3. For insight on each of these, you should read our Skills Guide.

Check the advantages each gives you, and then think which among these are the most you can rely on while playing the game. Skills that will help you the most, will depend on how you play this game, so to say your unique game style.

To maximize, these 3 skills prove most helpful:

  1. Maximizer: Improves gun handling ability. It will not only help you to get experience points quicker, but also quickly whip out weapons.
  2. Combat: At max, it allows you to one-shot enemies with a melee. Melee will kill the enemy and grant more time and sometimes space all while conserving ammo. In normal circumstances, you’ll need to follow up with a ground melee which takes up more time and may compromise you.
  3. Weapon Handling: Allowing you to reduce recoil amd quickly draw weapons, this skill will be very important for those with a slow and precise play style and help you to manage your SMG recoil, for those who use Rebecca.

Weapons, Ammunition, Skills Combo
Choose the weapons you are comfortable with. You can try them with the skills that increase their effectiveness. Always be on the look out for ammunition, having extra certainly helps. When you kill a certain enemy, he may drop something valuable, like explosives. Be on the look-out for these since they help you in dire situations like when you get over run by the enemies.

There are several skills that help you reload your weapons faster, some help your reload while in different animations, you can combo your weapons with these skills to fight the enemies. You can hold R while pressing B to reload. Don’t forget to practice Quick Switch, it can really help in difficult situations and saves a lot of time.

Melee attacks prove to be extremely helpful to conserve ammo in the game. The best method to do a melee is to directly run to an enemy as if you wish to do a front melee when they are sraggered. If you are actually going for a back melee, run past tge shoulder slightly and press tge command as soon as the option changes. You no not have to be exactly behind the enemy to do the back melee.

Remember, these Melee atracks also make you invincible for a duration. They will add additional time of 5 seconds and sometime will inhibit spawning of Cephalos.

Test Each Character
There are 8 playable characters in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D. You can unlock these characters by playing through the game. Every character has a different set of weapons, hence requires different play style. Though you can unlock all weapons of your favorite character for all characters but we won’t go with that option right now.

If you aren’t comfortable with the set of weapons of a character, switch to other character, and keep testing. Find the character that sync with your gameplay style and choice of weapons, and start practicing with it.

Time as I said earlier is your worst enemy in this game. Keep a look at the timer to make sure, you know when you need to fire all cylinders to finish through the level. Or you will end up restarting the same level.

Attack and Keep Moving
Attack your enemies, don’t be on the defense all the time. Keep moving for one spot to another while constantly racking up kills. You need to kill certain number of enemies before time runs out in order to finish these levels in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D.

If you camp at one stop far too long, you will also endanger yourself getting overwhelmed. Enemies in Resident Evil The Mercenaries attack for every corner of the map, especially behind. So don’t think you are safe by camping at one place, it rather makes you vulnerable to an unexpected attack.

Be fast, quick turn helps you to get rid of the hidden enemies and unexpected encounters so practice it.

Be careful about your movements. DO NOT RUSH if otherwise for a melee because enemies tend to jump out and ambush you. Also, plan where do you want to go before you plunge to camp from a spot.

Another point to keep in mind is efficient reloading. It is likely to be over whelmed by the enemies and forget your clip. Reloading at the ringht time proves to be crucial to maximize your kill count and surviving all together.

Notice your health meter every now and then. Make sure you have at least one skill that can provide you with necessary cushion or to regenerate your health in case the need be. You can use herbs and first aid sprays first, and for the last resort, have a skill for that.

Minimap can provide you with all the tactical knowledge about the map. You can avoid dead ends, devise a good route, and locate the enemies using the intel from the minimap.

It can provide you with strategic advantage in the game when used intelligently. I have seen many people ignore it entirely, but hopefully you won’t.

I can’t stress the importance of communication in the team battles. When you are playing with your partner in local multiplayer, communicate as much as you can. You need help ? ammo ? first aid spray ? ask your partner.

If you have other tips you would like to share, comment away.

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