Resident Evil Spin-Off “Project Resistance” Isn’t Pleasing Fans

Resident Evil Spin-off is in development at Capcom right now called “Project Resistance.” The game is pretty different from what we have been accustomed to with the series in the past. The game is looking increasingly like a mix of Left for Dead and Dead by Daylight.

The game looks interesting but it seems early fan reactions are mixed. The Friday the 13th vibes aren’t able to generate interest among Resident Evil fans who were looking forward to Resident Evil 8.

The main issue seems to be the 4v1 direction of Project Resistance. In a time when fans are eager to play Resident Evil 8, having something so entirely different isn’t gaining much traction.

Project Resistance is a 4-versus-1 asymmetrical co-op game where you fight zombies and overcome obstacles if you play as one of the survivors. You can sign up for the closed beta to test the concept yourself.

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