Resident Evil Re:Verse Resurfaces After 1-Year Delay

Following around a year of radio silence, Resident Evil Re:Verse has resurfaced to suggest a potential release in the making.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, Gematsu pointed out that Resident Evil Re:Verse has been rated for Google Stadia in Europe. The update, however, mirrors the same release date used for the previous ratings from last year. Hence, publisher Capcom remains to officially confirm a release date for all supported platforms, but which could possibly happen in the coming months.

Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer spin-off set in the Resident Evil universe that was originally planned to release alongside Resident Evil: Village as its multiplayer component.

The six-player online deathmatch experience was first delayed until summer 2021 before being pushed further ahead into 2022 after its beta received a lackluster response. Capcom assured at the time that Resident Evil Re:Verse will be improved “to deliver a smooth gameplay experience” but has since then refrained from sharing any further updates with the public.

Resident Evil: Village is currently celebrating its first-year anniversary after selling more than 5.7 million copies worldwide in the first six months. Fans can keep their fingers crossed that Capcom uses the anniversary week to reveal how Resident Evil Re:Verse is shaping up.

Take care that the physical (boxed) versions of Resident Evil: Village contained a download code for the arcade-style multiplayer mode. Keep that code safe or better yet, add it to your account so that you are ready to jump in as soon as the mode gets released. Digital owners will see their copies automatically updated to include Re:Verse.

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