Resident Evil Revelations Unlocks Guide – Raid Mode Costumes, Weapons, Parts and Characters

There is a lot to unlock in Resident Evil Revelations including Raid Mode costumes, weapons, parts and characters.

If you don’t own a 3DS, now is your time to grab a copy and enjoy the survival horror thriller that is Resident Evil Revelations. Apart from an indulging plot and gameplay, Resident Evil Revelations offer players different items that can be unlocked after completing various objectives.

If you are wondering what these unlockables are or how they can be unlocked, then we’ve got your back. Surviving zombies isn’t easy and you will need all the gear you can have and this is where our unlocks guide becomes useful.

Resident Evil Revelations – Unlockable Weapons and Custom Parts

Infinite Launcher
You can get a launcher with infinite ammo if you manage to beat the Hell mode.

Hydra Shotgun
All you need to do is complete the game in normal or higher difficulty.

Handgun PC356
On defeating 150 enemies, you can unlock this gun.

Rifle PSG1
If you can scan 15 hidden prints, this gun will be yours.


Custom Parts
You can unlock the following custom parts:

Bind 1
You need to execute dodge successfully for 20 times.

Auto Loader
You can unlock it by beating the game in casual difficulty or higher without using any herbs or Infinite Rocket Launcher.

Charge Shot 3
Complete the game in casual difficulty.

Long Magazine 2
You can unlock it by landing 10 fully charged physical attacks.

Resident Evil Revelation – Raid Mode Unlocks

There is also plenty to unlock in the Raid Mode section of the game. Let’s start-up with the costumes:


BSAA Mission Jill
Obtain a super rare weapon.

Pirate Jill
Clear The Ghost Ship bonus Stage.

BSAA Mission Chris
Reach player level 30.

Sailor Chris
Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit in Raid Mode.

BSAA Mission Parker
Earn 10 bonuses in Raid Mode.

Defeat 10,000 enemies in Raid Mode

Arctic Keith
Clear campaign Episodes 4 – 6.

Office Keith
Clear all stages on Chasm difficulty with an S Rank.

Ninja Keith
Reach player level 50.

Arctic Jessica
Clear all Raid Mode stages on Chasm difficulty.

Scuba Jessica
Clear all Raid Mode stages on Trench difficulty.

FBC Jessica
Reach player level 40.

Arctic Quint
Reach player level 5.

Office Quint
Obtain all super rare weapons.

FBC Raymond
Reach player level 10.

BSAA Coat O’Brian
Reach player level 20.

Executive suit Morgan
Clear all stages on Trench difficulty with an S Rank.

Veltro Norman
Clear all stages on Abyss difficulty.

FBC Rachael
Earn a Trinity Bonus in Raid Mode.

Umbrella HUNK
Clear all stages on Abyss difficulty with an S Rank.


The task at hand is to clear every stage on Chasm difficulty.

You can unlock him by finding the real exit on stage 21.

You need to clear every stage on Abyss Difficulty to unlock him.

If you manage to obtain all the rare weapons, you will unlock him.

In the main campaign, you can unlock raid mode stages by doing following tasks:

Stage (1-7)
Beat Episodes 1-3.

Stage (8-12)
Beat Episodes 4-6.

Stage (13-17)
Beat Episodes 7-9.

Stage (18-20)
Beat Episodes 10-12.

Bonus Stage 21
Beat the game.


Trench Difficulty
You can unlock it by completing all Raid mode stages at chasm difficulty.

Abyss Difficulty
On completion of all Raid Mode stages on Trench Difficulty.

Hell Mode
You can unlock it by beating the game in normal or hard difficulty.

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