Resident Evil Revelations Steam Puzzle Solution Guide

There is a little steam puzzle in Resident Evil: Revelations that can be an enormous pain in the neck to deal with. For more help on Resident Evil Revelations, read our Boss Strategy, Infernal Walkthrough and Raid Mode Guide.

The puzzle involves two power panels needed to activate some sections of the ship and both need to be activated at the same time. Thus, you access one console and leave your partner there while you find the other one (which is actually on the other side of the room but there is a vent blowing steam right on the path that will cook you).

The puzzle is pretty annoying as also appears in one of the missions in the raid mode section of the game so figuring it out is pretty important. Thankfully, for you guys we have the solution right here and are willing to share it with you so that it won’t take you as long as it took me.

When you get to the first console, trying to activate it will tell you that ‘it looks like a restart switch, but it’s stuck’. Now go right towards the lever on the wall and flip it so that the pointer goes to ‘C’. This will cause the steam underneath the walkway on the other side to stop venting.

Now go out the door opposite the console, down the stairs into the water, and enter the flooded corridor past the door made of metal bars. Make a right and as soon as you can, another right. Before long, you’ll find yourself in the same room as before, but on a lower level.

Go forward through a door, up a ladder and down a set of stairs (make note of the strange set of gears on the wall at the top of these stairs, we’ll be returning here shortly).

Now make a ‘U’ turn as soon as you descend from the steps and go through the flooded hallway. At the end, take the stairs to the left and go through the door to find yourself near the second console. Try to activate it and you will realize there is a key missing that you must now get.

There will be another lever here you can flip. Do so and the pointer will turn to ‘B’ and the vent that’s in between the two consoles will stop spewing steam. Walk over to the first lever near the first console and flip it so the pointer is now at ‘A’.

Go out the door here (again), down the stairs (again), and through the barred door to the flooded corridor (again). Go right, then left this time. You will find yourself in a room where you can collect a red Cog. Opposite it is a valve that turns off all the steam. Do so.

Now remember the wall covered in gears a few paragraphs above? Go there and use the cog you collected on it. A secret compartment should open, and the restart key will be inside. Take the key, return to the console and solve the puzzle.

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