Resident Evil Revelations Boss Strategy Guide – How To Kill

The most terrifying of foes in Resident Evil Revelations are the bosses in different episodes of the game. The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide an in-depth guide and tactics to defeat the bosses that appear throughout the game. So let’s get right into it.

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Resident Evil Revelations Boss Strategy Tips

Infected Communications Officers

  • Weak Spot: Head
  • Suggested Weapon: Rifle

Before going neck and neck with this guy, put on your most damage dealing parts of your rifle because this will be only chance to survive. We suggested you to use rifle because you want to keep your distance at the same time along with shooting him.

This is a tough one because of his large health and high damage dealing attacks. You should keep your distance in this battle and try not engaging in close combat. There are fire barrels scattered throughout the area so use them to your advantage to stun him and then melee him after he is stunned of course.

There are two ways you can use to kill this boss:

Nearby Window
Instead of going into the room and taking on him head-on, try the outer balcony and shoot the lock off the door and switch to your rifle when the boss shows up.

Take your aim and try to shoot the smaller head of the two (The one on the right hand side). Shooting the mis-coloured skin under the head will also do a decent amount of damage and he will run out of the room. Switch to your hand gun IF you have time and shoot the fire barrel once he passes by it to stun him and then pound upon him with a charged melee attack.

Now, make your way back to the window and jump into the room, he will come to get you so jump through the window again and keep on shooting him. Again, when he tries to leave, jump into the room lure him. Keep doing this until he is dead. Note that you will not be able to reload while jumping so time your reloads well.

Through Kitchen
Jump down onto the bottom platform and into the kitchen to beat the boss in the easiest way possible.

The scagdead will chase you, make your way to kitchen counter and jump through it on the other side. Since the scagdead can’t go over the counter, it will run across you.

Use this opportunity to aim for the smaller head of the two with your rifle or shotgun to yield maximum damage. He will turn around to chase you. Again jump to the other side of the counter and repeat the process until he’s dead.

Infected Rachael

  • Weak Spot: Head
  • Suggested Weapon: Shotgun or Machine Gun

It is advised that you put on all the more damage dealing parts on your shotgun before getting into this fight. And stopping parts on your machine gun. You will have to switch to your machine gun once in a while to kill the ooze as they appear. Shotgun will be your primary damage dealing weapon so use it wisely.

Rachael is a slightly faster but more resilient ooze. And her attacks are in a pattern – that makes her an easy kill as long as you can dodge her attacks well.

The basic tactic you want to use against her is to dodge her attack, turn around, shoot and then dodge again. Dodging her attacks can be a hassle, but if you know what you are doing, then it’s not as she shrieks before launching any attack so you should be good.


  • Weak Spot: Right Head
  • Suggested Weapon: Rifle

You will be using your rifle as the primary weapon to defeat this boss as you will be running low on machine gun ammo after the fight in the elevator.

You may also want to keep a shotgun as a back-up weapon for you but don’t try to use it as primary because the Graghignazo’s shell is immune to damage, and you need more accurate shots that only a rifle can do without wasting a lot ammunition.

You should also remember that this boss takes a lot ammo so you will be left with a few after this fight.

After the elevator fight, switch your machine gun to hand gun. Equip your rifle and move towards the center of the building for the boss fight.

This fight is all about dodging the attacks of the boss and taking well-placed shots. It will run to you to do damage or often do slamming attacks when its health will be low. Work on your dodging skills to beat this one.

As he starts to run to you, its heads will be exposed. You want to take a well-placed shot at its smaller head (The right one) with the rifle. Take two or three shots then dodge him.

After you will drain half of his health, Parker will comment something about it, and Graghignazo’s attacking pattern will change.

You can’t dodge the slamming attack. What you can do is shoot the exposing paw during the slam and interrupt it. As you come closer to killing it, it will become more responsive, and you will only be able to take one shot, and it will come hurtling towards you.

I recommend switching to your handgun here for faster aiming so that you can take it out easily.

FBC Hack

  • Enemies: Dogs, Hunter, Farefarllo
  • Suggested Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Machinegun

You may want to swap your handgun with the rocket launcher and keep your shot gun and machine gun with you. Take all the ammo from your surroundings.

The rifle’s scoop can limit your vision although it’s a great weapon but it’s not for this fight. Also the handgun – it’s useless for this battle.

For me; this fight is the toughest fight in the game as there are so many difficult enemies to defeat and there are no decent weapons to use. This is more like a fight for your survival although you will have to take out all the enemies in the end.

As Quint is setting up the computer, make your way to the ladder behind him. Climb it and jump across the box to wait for the fight to start.

Dogs will come out jumping from the windows. Use your machine gun to take them out. Dogs are fast paced attackers but weak so you can take them out quite easily and if by chance a dog approaches too near, you can always jump across the box and quickly turn around to shoot them.

The second wave will consist of dogs and hunters. Keep using your machine gun to take them out although you may want to switch to your shotgun to kill the hunters but machine gun will also do.

You will also notice a lever going down during this wave. Run across it and pull it back up. Climb up the stairs and across the box to get into the fight again.

The third wave will consist of dogs, hunters and farefarllo. Although the number of dogs in this wave will be less than the other two waves.

Take out the dogs quickly and then back yourself up the wall and only use your shotgun to take out hunters and farefarllo. If you get swarmed with them, the rocket launcher is there to the rescue.

Jump down to the box on the right hand side and pick up the other launcher and climb up the other stair to pick up the magnum and stay there. Use everything you have from launchers to magnum to shotgun to kill the remaining hunters and farefarllo to complete the boss fight.

Abyss Monster Part-I

  • Weak Spot: Tentacles

There are a total of two things that make this boss hard to beat. First, its tentacle’s slams deal way too much damage and second is that you have a timer to beat this boss.

Your best bet against this boss is the rocket launcher. It will only take four rockets to kill this boss, but sadly you don’t have a rocket launcher during this boss fight so what you want to do is either stick to the edge of the room or stay in the center to dodge its tentacle slams. Dodging plays a very vital role during this fight.

The helicopter will drop boxes that contains rocket launcher.

Equip your knife and cut down those boxes to get the rocket launcher. The next best thing you can do is move closer to the boss and aim for the head of the tentacles because the body of the tentacles keeps on moving and can dodge the rockets, and you do not have so much ammo in hand because the helicopter drops are scarce.

After taking down two tentacles, the tentacle slamming will become more and more aggressive causing you to shake your aim. Dodge and take your aim at the head of the tentacle to kill it. Four successful shots will kill the boss.

Since there is a timer in this boss fight and the ammo is rare. You want to take your time to take the shot and not miss anything. It is not as hard as it looks if you don’t miss the shots. That’s pretty much it!

Remember that you can pick up the spare rockets for later use if you have shot down the boss already.

Abyss Monster Part-II

  • Weak Spots: Head

There are a total of two portions in this boss fight when you will be shooting the tentacles.

The first wave will be the heli swooping on the right side of the boss. There will be two tentacles here. One will be constantly striking you while the other one will leave a projectile.

Keep your aim steady and don’t stop to shoot the tentacle for them to die. Shoot the second tentacle if it appears. After you have killed the both tentacles successfully, a third tentacle will emerge. Keep on dodging and shooting it until the helicopter above moves away.

The second portion of the boss will bring you close to the boss. Keep on firing it steadily to kill it.

Infected Norman

  • Weak Spots: Parasite on back
  • Suggested Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Magnum, Shotgun, Rifle

You should have a decent amount of ammo for Magnum, Shotgun and Rifle during this boss battle. And you should also be equipped with a rocket launcher if you didn’t use it earlier. Also note that you are going to use a large amount of ammo on this boss so be prepared for that.

And let’s say you don’t have any ammo for your rocket launcher. You still have your shotgun and rifle as the main damage dealing weapons for this fight.

What you want to look for is Norman’s disappearing move against you. After he disappears, you will get a warning that he is coming to you so better get ready to shoot as he shows up.

Another thing you also want to do is make sure you have your distance from him because his hand swings are lethal. He has quite a long reach through his arm, and he knock you off ground.

Another thing that you want to keep an eye on is his doppelganger (An image of himself). The real Norman will be the one with purple mist coming out of his mouth. Just keep shooting him and keep this points in mind to defeat him successfully.

Have we missed anything or you want to add anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

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