Resident Evil Revelations Devs Want to Keep It Going

Last year’s surprising hit Resident Evil Revelations 2 helped the Resident Evil series to erase some of the stigma that’s come across its rather mediocre offerings after the game won praise for its interesting mechanics and interesting story. Each of the game’s four episodes all won positive reviews, and the story allowing two different endings also helped to make it more interesting.

The game relied heavily on Kafka psychology, mainly fear and being mutated into monsters. The return of fan-favorites Claire Redfield and Barry Burton didn’t hurt the game either.

Now two of the game’s developers, producer Mititeru Okabe and director Yasuhiro Anpo, are both expressing interest in keeping the Resident Evil Revelations games going.

Anpo, who worked on the main Resident Evil series, believes that Revelations gives the team opportunities to work with gameplay elements that wouldn’t work in the normal series, and that the Revelations series has merit.

Resident Evil Revelations has had multiple gameplay mechanics that have not been in the main game, such as scanning enemies to find weaknesses, and 2’s use of co-op in order to make the players an effective team that had to rely on one another to survive.

Okabe believes that the best part of the Revelations series is the secondary characters, in this case characters like Moira Burton (Barry’s daughter) and Natalia. Okabe also believes that Resident Evil Revelations can be used in order to bridge gaps between the various main games.

All of these feelings, combined with the ending of the second game and the heavy implication that Alex Wesker, the game’s antagonist, was still alive, could very well leave players longing for a continuation of the story to see how it pans out.

With Capcom already promising that the upcoming Resident Evil 7 would not be like Resident Evil 5 and 6, hopefully the main series can take lessons from Revelations and make a game that feels both scary and exciting to play again.