Resident Evil Outbreak Remaster Rumors Fly With Updated Assets

The classic Resident Evil Outbreak games might be receiving a remastered release, or that is what horror fans have started speculating.

For those unaware, publisher Capcom has been updating its Resident Evil Portal since last week to include high-definition renders and concept arts for the older installments in the Resident Evil franchise.

Capcom did the same for Resident Evil Outbreak earlier today by uploading updated and upscaled box arts, other artworks, screenshots, and assets for both of the two Outbreak games. However, some fans were quick to notice that Capcom has done more than just upscaled the game assets.

When comparing both the old and new renders, Capcom has noticeably added new wounds and changed some of the body proportions of the hyenas and alligators found in Resident Evil Outbreak.

While the touch-ups are not enough to confirm a remastered release, it should be recalled that Resident Evil Outbreak was mentioned in the recent, second Nvidia GeForce leak with a release in March 2022.

Capcom has not announced a remastered Resident Evil Outbreak at the time of writing and in all fairness, it would be unlikely for the publisher to announce a new game just a few weeks before release. Hence, fans should keep their excitement in check and take the new sightings as just mere speculations.

Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak: File #2 were released on PlayStation 2 in 2003 and 2004 respectively. The original being the first horror game to feature cooperative gameplay. The games took place during the same period as Resident Evil 2 and 3 and followed a series of episodic storylines in Raccoon City.

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