Resident Evil 8 Development Rebooted?

An insider has revealed that Resident Evil 8 development has been rebooted. The release of next main Resident Evil game seems far off.

Resident Evil 7 was a huge success and fans are now waiting impatiently for the release of Resident Evil 8. But, it seems like Capcom’s focus is more towards remakes. Regardless, a new leak reveals that Resident Evil 8’s development has been rebooted and could be announced next month.

The new information was leaked by an insider on Twitter. In the past, the insider has also leaked correct details of Resident Evil 3. The insider disclosed that a version of Resident Evil 8 was under development in 2016 but it was put on ice due to Resident Evil 7 DLC and Resident Evil 2 remake. Now, it seems like that Resident Evil 8 development has been rebooted and it has been only 6-7 months since then.

Capcom apparently has also rebooted a couple of other games for remakes. These titles will be revealed by Capcom pretty soon. The insider ends up saying:

There is another Resident Evil game which will probably release next year, but it’s not a remake or RE8

While Capcom looks busy with Resident Evil 3’s release in April, they also held a program in which Resident Evil Ambassador Program members were called. They were invited to test an undisclosed game. As we know that previously Ambassadors were called for Resident Evil 3 testing, this could mean that they are trying out a new game. Rumors suggest that the game tested was either Resident Evil 8 or Dino Crisis remake.

Of course, we should take such leaks and rumors with a pinch of salt because there has been no official announcement yet. It’s obvious that future titles will be kept secret by Capcom until the right time comes.

As Capcom’s Resident Evil titles have been commercial hits, it will be natural for Capcom to maintain the pace. Resident Evil 3 is already set to release on major platforms on April 13, 2020.

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