Resident Evil 8 Announcement Coming on June 10?

Capcom might be planning some new announcements for the Resident Evil franchise in the next month. Franchise ambassadors are getting notifications for news coming on June 10th. It’s hard not to expect Resident Evil 8 to be the center of this announcement.

The news comes from user@kula_9S85 on Twitter, who uploaded a picture of what seems like an email from Capcom to Biohazard Ambassadors. The image includes the user’s registration date as well as a string of text. The text reads “A Resident Evil announcement will happen on June 10th, 2020”. Even without the confirmation, the invitation could easily be about a Resident Evil 8 announcement.

Capcom has brought back the franchise better than ever, with remakes that every studio would be envious about. It doesn’t surprise us that the developers are putting that much effort into bringing remakes to fans one so close to the other. However, it makes sense for these games to be setting the stage for something bigger, a new title perhaps. Hence the Resident Evil 8 announcement expectations.

As of now, it’s not even sure that Resident Evil 8 is in development. There are countless hints, rumors, and leaks pointing to it being a reality. We might be finally close to an announcement. A recent leak wanted Capcom to be releasing a new “ReSi” title, it not being the 8th addition to the franchise though. A few months back, the developer team held a program in which Resident Evil Ambassador Program members were called. They were invited to test an undisclosed game.

It’s only two weeks before we know what this announcement is and whether or not it is related to Resident Evil 8. If this is the case, then rumors wanting the game’s name being Village could also be true. For what it’s worth, we love some more Resident Evil, whatever it might be.

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