Resident Evil 8 Already in the Works, Ready to Ride the Success of Resident Evil 7

If you don’t know already, Resident Evil 8 is currently in the works and is going to release sometime in the next couple of years. Capcom is planning to build on the success of Resident Evil 7, and rebuild a franchise that’s been going downhill ever since Resident Evil 4.

However, Resident Evil 7 changed that and brought this series back to its roots, doing what it does best which is survival horror, not action. The game comes with all the elements that made those early games great and more. The following article will cover everything we know about Resident Evil 8 so far.

Resident Evil 8 – Everything We Know So Far


While there hasn’t been a formal announcement, some of the team members from Capcom are already talking about the next game being in development since April 2017. In fact, Resident Evil 7 Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi spoke during an interview earlier this year and stated that they are not only working on the next game but also thinking of ways to evolve survival horror.

What the Community Wants

Judging by what some of the fans are saying, the community is looking for more interesting puzzles, and make sure devs follow the footsteps of Resident Evil 2. The game used everything the original did great and took it to the next level. Staying true to its originality while innovating and experimenting.

The mansion we explored in Resident Evil 7 was all good but there needs to be a bigger place for us to explore. But by bigger, I do not mean an open-ended environment because that won’t work well for the franchise, it hasn’t in the past. It would be amazing to be inside the undergrounds Umbrella Corp facility in Raccoon City. It could be the perfect setting for the next Resident Evil game.


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC are sure to be getting RE8. However, we are also hoping to see a Nintendo Switch version of the game since Nintendo and Capcom have a long-running partnership. And also, RE7 was greatly missed on Nintendo Switch by its users.

Release Date

We are expecting the game to arrive in 2019 at least.

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