Resident Evil 7’s Length Is About 15 Hours, Details About Puzzles, Enemies

With Resident Evil 7 getting closer and closer to release, more information is slipping out about the game, hotly anticipated since the somewhat mediocre reception of Resident Evil 6. With RE7 claiming to be making a return to survival horror, Resident Evil 7’s length of fifteen hours will provide us with plenty of time to be scared.

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In contrast to the multi-campaign Resident Evil 6, which followed multiple characters that each might have gone through half of a normal game, Resident Evil 7’s fifteen hours only focuses on one person, trapped in the middle of the Louisiana backwoods as they try to escape from the psychotic hillbilly Baker family and whatever monsters are hunting them.

Resident Evil 7’s length will be longer than Resident Evil 5’s main campaign, but only an hour shorter than Resident Evil 4, thought of as one of the best Resident Evil games and one of the greatest games ever.

Hopefully Resident Evil 7 will end up as the next Resident Evil 4 despite its change to first-person horror, and a lack of any of the previous characters that many Resident Evil fans have come to love like Leon, Chris, Claire, or Jill.

Along with the change to first-person horror and a change back from the third-person shooting that Resident Evil has been using for the past few years, puzzles are also going to be an important part of Resident Evil 7, as shown in one of the clips that have recently been posted by Capcom showing little bits of gameplay.

Since we’re getting more and more information about Resident Evil, whether the monsters and puzzles or new trailers that show off more clips, hopefully Resident Evil 7’s length will give us a good enough amount of scares to make Resident Evil 7 a great new Resident Evil game for survival horror fans everywhere to play.