Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Wrecked Ship, Fuse for the Locked Door

The following Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough is divided into two sections. The article will discuss the Wrecked Ship and the process through which you can find the Fuse for the locked door.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

The Wrecked Ship

Once you have the decision between Mia or Zeo, the next major area will open. When you wake up, move ahead and investigate the body. When is taken away, head left and up the red girders and enter the ship.

Reach the Wrecked ship S1 via the steps and locate the hatch on the floor to the south side. Drop down to the fork and you will find an Antique Coin in the area. Keep following the path and you will drop into S2.

There are a few point of interests in the room around the corner. There is a crew register in the room so check it out. Go back outside and the corridor will take you outside.

Look at the wall map to know your location.

Use the ladder to reach S1 before dropping into the pit. Investigate the left side of the pool to find an Antique Coin. Come out using the yellow ladder. In the same area, a cutscene will trigger that will take you to F1.

Finding the Fuse

There are molded in the south and east side this map. Check to the east side, the door near the steps, and savage for resources. A molded will drop from the ceiling when you head south.

Run pass it and grab the fuse from the wall but when you leave be sure to close the door behind you. Use the fuse on the northwest door and go up two floors to 3F.  You will see Eveline here, grab the Old Tape and view it to progress.

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